• Micheal was starting to get quite hot under the heat of the dark snow. He didn't know why he was hot, but he knew that black snow in Arizona wasn't really normal. His neighbors, and probably the whole neighborhood, came outside to admire the snow, but got angry at being burned." What's up with the snow? It's so...paranormal and such!", yelled his neighbor, Ms. Carter. Then it started raining dark hail, and everyone went inside, and no one knew it was Uncle Jason. Uncle Jason(lets just call him Jack) went inside and hung up his coat and hat. How will I explain it to him?, Jack thought to himself nervously." Uncle Tim, what did you get me for family reunion?", Micheal asked Uncle Tim. Jack just stayed quiet, so he wouldn't ruin Micheal and Tim's conversation. Jack leaned on the wall, but forgot about the motto he used. Never touch something thats not dark or it will be dark. Jack gasped, as the wall turned pitch black as a black hole. Jack was amazed that, after all that moaning of dark going into the wall that, no one noticed." Jack sit down and have some lunch.", his brother Tim exlcaimed to him. Jack chose a turkey leg and a cinnamon roll, both things are his favorite food. Since he never ate food in the Dark World, he took a bite of the turkey leg, and commented to his sister in law that it was the best turkey he ever tasted in his life(which to be exact, is 30 million years old)." Why thank you Uncle Jason, its in my blood. My family tree has famous chefs on it. It's why its so tasty!", she said to Jack.

    After lunch, they played games in the back yard. Micheal's family was the richest family on his block, and had a huge backyard, to match the mansion. Most of the money came from Jack, who was nice enough to share it with his family. He wasn't much of a villain, just more like a super villain,half of it is hero, and the middle is both of them combined, which is what he mostly is. Jack grabbed a baseball, and started playing baseball with hid brother, Micheal, and Tyler." Hey Micheal, you ready for this one?", Jack yelled to Micheal." Whatever you say, me and Uncle Tim are ready for one of your famous...what are they called?", Micheal replied." It's called a Dark Pitcher's Throw!" "Ohhhhh...now I remember." Jack turned the ball dark and threw it. Micheal(he's one of the lucky ones to survive a Dark Pitcher's Throw) actually batted it and it went soaring. Jack tried to find it, but had no luck. Then he saw a dark thing hit the ground, and it was big. Jack finally relized that it was the baseball.