My head was throbbing and my wrists burned. My joints ached, as if I had been run over by a car. I felt around for my face, curious as to if it were still attached. I don't know why I was checking, but I was just curious after last night's incident. It was such a blur. Wait...last night. It was real?! I shot upwards, snapping my eyes open. I gazed around the large room I assumed was the living room that I was placed in. It was a beautiful room, I'll give them that. A chandelier hung right above the little area I was at. There were two white couches, one of which I was placed on, and two white chairs with a burgundy end table with an elegant blue and white vase placed peacefully on it with stunning Irisis. The carpet was also white and behind me there was a burgundy fireplace with a large mirror hung above it. I turned my attention to the cream-colored satin blanket that covered me from my legs on down. I shook my head in agony.

    "Here's some asprin if you need any,"

    I snapped my eyes open at the sound of the beautiful chime voice that churned my stomach. I slowly turned my attention slowly to the one who had the beautiful voice. I gaped and gasped at the sight I beheld. Just like the guy I saw earlier...or the other day...or whenever I last saw him, he was beautifully sculpted. He had longish jet-black hair, pasty white skin as well, a silver clamp on his left ear with 3 other little hoops and on his right ear he had 5 hoops and a smaller clamp with an itty-bitty chain that attached to one of the hoops, and...he also had deep blue eyes. I screeched and tried to scoot back, but to no avail because I was already against the couch as far as I could go.

    "Did I do something wrong?" the beautiful voice from the beautiful face chimed again. I lost my breath for a moment and had to remind myself to breathe regularly.

    "Wh-where am I? Where's Chi?"

    "I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're talking about,"

    "Chi, where is she? Is she okay?"

    The boy gave me a confused look. He turned around and placed the asprin and glass of water on the table and kneeled next to me. He looked right at me, forcing me to lose my breath again.

    "Do you not remember what happened the other night?"

    I barely shook my head. I couldn't remember much. Just that man...in the windowsill. He attacked as soon as I had any time to take another breath and the next thing I knew, I was here. And apparently I've been here a couple of days.

    "You hit your head hard, didn't you?" This boy was speaking as if I knew what he was talking about, despite that I shook my head when he asked if I remembered what had happened.

    "What happened?"

    "You were being reckless, apparently. My brother was taking you here and apparently you jumped out of the car going 90 miles an hour."

    I gasped at his words. Not that I had jumped out of a car going 90 miles an hour and surviving, explaining the explicit pain surging through my body, but that...he had a brother?? Do they look the same? I shook the thought out of my head as well. You're stuck with kidnappers, Arisa! Don't waste your time examining his beauty! It's wrong!

    "Wh-what are you going to do to me?"

    The boy gave me another confused look. I didn't understand why he was giving me confused looks. I'm the one who's been kidnapped! I should be the one giving him the confused faces!

    "We're not going to hurt you, if that's what you're thinking,"

    "But...why else would you kidnap me?"

    "We need you for something, but I assure you, we will not hurt you in any matter,"

    Half of me wanted him to burn in Hell, him and his kidnapping brother, and I didn't trust him one bit. But...the other half of me did trust him, wanted to listen to him. Something about him made me want to talk to him...talk to my kidnappers...

    "You kept waking up since you got here but you'd only say a couple of things and fall back asleep,"

    I was a little confused. I didn't remember that. I probably just made little small-talk with him. I didn't want to think about that at the time because my head felt as though it would explode.

    "Do you need the as--?"

    "You took my shirt again, you jack-a**!"

    The boy in front of me sighed and rolled his eyes. I turned my attention to the stairs and as soon as I did, I screamed. On the stairs...was the boy. The boy I saw on the bus...the boy I ran into on the way to school...the boy who was sitting on the windowsill of the orphanage.

    "No!" I screamed on the top of my lungs. I jumped off of the couch, despite that my joints felt as if they would fall off, I was willing to risk it to confront my kidnapper. Or at least try to get out of here.

    "Oh, she's awake," The boy on the stairs was acting so casual, almost cocky. It made me sick. The rage twisted inside of me.

    "Kai, you need to apologize to her,"

    "I desire no apology from him!" I pointed my accusing finger at this "Kai" that stood on the stairs.

    "She's still alive. Why should I apologize?"

    I couldn't belive it. He was asking why he should apologize. What an idiot. I didn't care how beautiful he was, I wasn't going to forgive him. I was so blinded by my fury that I didn't notice the other boy gracefully grabbing my shoulders and looking down at me. He smiled lightly.

    "He's sorry. He really is. Can you please hear us out?"

    For some reason, I started hyperventilating. I didn't want to hear their story. I didn't want to know what was to become of me. I wanted to get out of here, whether it meant death or not. I didn't want to be here. A big part of me was yelling internally because that part of me knew I had no chance of escape. Sure I'm strong mentally at times, but physically...I'm absolutely pathetic. I sighed but I didn't relax one bit. The boy in front of me smiled weakly and sighed. He put his arms down and rested his hands on his perfect slim waist. It took me a moment to swallow my fear and speak up.

    "Wh-what did you do with Chi?" I squeaked. I sounded ridiculous when my voice cracked on Chi's name, but I was impressed I could speak at all.

    Kai stared at me with a questionable look on his face, "Chi? Your friend?"

    I nodded quickly. I didn't want to say anything in fear of him diving at me and ripping my head off. I don't know why I think that extreme, but I can't take any chances.

    "I didn't touch her. She was petrified enough."

    "You didn't kill her? You didn't kidnap her either?"

    "Nah. She's of no use to us." I couldn't believe the way he just flat out said that. Talking as if she were trash.

    "Why did you kidnap me?" I relaxed a little at the fact that Chi was okay. I lowered my shoulders but remained backed against the wall. I can only imagine how Chi is feeling now. Kicking and screaming at her inner self. Knowing her, she's probably blaming herself because she felt she couldn't save me.

    "We need you for something, but we can't authorize what for right now," the boy in front of me chimed in. He held out his hand as if I were to shake it, "My name's Kira, by the way." he motioned his head behind him to Kai who was still on the stairs staring at us impatiently, "Kai's my little brother. I'm incredibly sorry if we're scaring you. We swear on our lives that we won't lay a harming finger on you so long as you're here."

    I hesitated before shaking his hand. Would he grab my hand and cut it off? Or maybe he would grab my hand and throw me on the ground and him and Kai would beat me and do whatever they want to me and with me? I shook my head quickly to try to get that ludicrous thought out. I generously took Kira's hand in mine and we shook it like any old friend would after a long absence. His hand was freezing. I withdrew mine quickly.

    "Why is your hand so cold?"

    Kira smiled hesitantly, "That's a long story. We can't tell you yet."

    Kai spoke up who was now standing next to Kira in an instant, "I think we can tell her,"

    "Kai, you know we can't. Not until Matsuda and Orihime say we can."

    "Who's Matsuda and Orihime?" There's more?

    Kira turned his attention back to me. His deep blue eyes glistening, "They're the married couple of the house. They own this. We're just living with them just so we can live somewhere." Kira gestured from him to Kai, "There's also Takeuchi who's here because he's here. He a little too young to live on his own anyways."

    "How old are you guys? Where are you guys from? What are you going to do to me? What if--?" I was cut off short by Kira's ice finger pressing gently on my lips.

    "Shh. If you're going to be a jabber-jaws then you can sit on the couch with Kai and ask as many questions as you like, okay?"

    I nodded as I withdrew my face from Kira's finger. It was so cold. Is it possible to have that body temperature without suffering hypothermia?

    I glanced at Kai quickly and he snorted. I made my way back to the couch I had been lying on. Kai sat down on the couch across from mine. Kira stood at the doorway I assumed led to the kitchen.

    "Kai, go ahead and give Arisa the 411. I'm going to make her some soup." and he was gone.

    Kai and I sat in akward silence for what felt like forever. I kept my knees together and my hands in my lap and shifted around nervously and rubbed my thumbs together and every now and then fondled with my fingers. I could have sworn I saw Kai's eye twitch from the corner of mine.

    "Will you quit messing with your fingers?"

    I quit immediately. It wasn't as crazy of a thought but I assumed if I were to mess with my fingers anymore that he would have no problem cutting them off. I shifted nervously again.

    "S-so how old are you?" I barely whispered. I tried to take baby steps to get to know him better, seeing as I should trust him and Kira and whoever the rest of their little possy was.

    "I'm...18," he thought for a moment. Why did he have to think about how old he was? It was always an automatic answer when somebody asks your age. Maybe he's just slow.

    "Where is the rest of your family...besides Kira?"


    I flinched lightly at the sharpness and coldness in his voice. Dead? And he's only 18? He sounded upset, but not angered.

    "How did they die?"

    Kai drummed his fingers on the cushion next to him. He thought for a moment, "Car crash," again, how can it take so long to think of the answer? Somebody's death should automatically come up even faster than your age should. What was with him?

    "I don't...really have a family anymore either," I said with a very weak smile on my face, conceling my pain I still felt sharply every time I would bring it up.

    "How did your family die?"

    I snapped my head up, surprised at the fact that he asked me a question, "They...they were murdered, I assume. My parents were. Just about a year ago. And my sister had died of leukemia half a year before." I choked on my words, but tears didn't come up. It was just one of those reflexes you get when it's hard for you to believe somebody's gone, even though it's beyond true. You just don't want to admit it.

    Kai's arm twitched and he stopped drumming his fingers.

    "What are you guys going to do to--?"

    "We told you we're not going to do anything, girl," he interrupted me. It really pissed me off that he had called me "girl".

    "I have a name," I growled through my teeth. I hated people who called me "girl".

    "Yeah, I know. But I don't care so much."

    "Y'know, I haven't known you long, but you're just a cocky son of a b***h, y'know?"

    Kai stared at me confusingly. Most people would look strange with a confusing face but Kai and Kira were just...stunning. I shook my head yet again. Why do I keep thinking such good things about these two? They're my kidnappers. But...they were much too--Kira was much too--nice to be a kidnapper.

    "Yeah, whatever. What did you say your name was again?"

    "It's Arisa and I expect to hear that name come out of your mouth whenever you're talking to me, got it?" I couldn't believe I was taking it this far. He's going to cut your head off, Arisa. You stupid girl.

    Kai smirked. That same smirk he gave me on the bus. I beamed and glared at him. I tried to think of something to embarrass him. Aha! I found it. I grinned devilishly at my thought.

    "Why is your right ear pierced?

    "Um...cause it is Arisa,"

    "Tell me if I'm wrong, but isn't it a universal sign of a gay man if his right ear is pierced?"

    Kai's face dropped in even more confusion. He suddenly lit a spark in his eye just as I had started my internal victory cheer.

    "What?! No!" he protested loud. I smiled wider.

    "Everybody knows that a guy is gay if his right ear is pierced!"

    "Why would you think I'm gay?! I pierced my ears because I liked it!"

    "Are you sure you're not gay?"

    "Yes! You have no idea how many girlfriends I've had, so you can't assume already!"

    "Are you bi? Perhaps bi-curious?"

    "Oh my God, you're--ugh!" Kai threw his hands up in the air and let them land noisily on his lap.

    I dance internally at my victory. Sure, I knew all along he wasn't gay. I just wanted to put him in the spotlight of embarrassment. Kai was silent--almost hesitant--for a moment.

    "You wanted to know why Kira and I have such low body temperatures?"

    I paused and observed Kai's face and statement. He was going to tell me why they're so cold? I opened my mouth to speak but just as I did, the front door opened and I heard chattering as the people answered. I could only assume it was Matsuda and Takeuchi that Kai and Kira had mentioned earlier. As they entered the room, I gaped just as I had when I saw Kai and Kira. These people were absolutely beautiful. Kai stood up and left the room. The whole time I had seen Kai, he always looked like he was hesitating.

    I turned my attention to the older one who I assume was the married Matsuda. He was tall and slender as Kai and Kira were, but a little bit shorter. He had jet-black hair a little shorter than Kira's and it was a little tidier. His eyes were the most enchanting powder blue. They were almost white. You could shine a light on them and they would shine for miles. The boy next to him I only had to assume was Takeuchi. He was a little shorter than Matsuda but his wild and dark burgundy hair grew down to his neck, almost to his shoulders. He had deep forest green eyes. I felt a little better about myself because Takeuchi looked more human than the others. Everybody here was so beautiful. I felt like an outcast once again. All of these guys were perfectly sculpted and well-put together. Did they ever notice their own beauty?

    I swallowed hard and loud as Matsuda looked over in my direction. I froze for an instant as he smiled at me. He approached me, almost as if he were gliding on top of the floor. Such graceful walking...like Kai and Kira. Matsuda pat my head with a warmer hand than Kai and Kira.

    "You're Miss Arisa, right?" his voice was as beautiful as Kira's was. What was with this house of...freaks?

    I barely nodded my head. I could feel myself choking on my own normal human looks. I knew these guys were human, but they were so...abnormal.

    "It's nice to finally meet you. I hope Kai and Kira haven't harmed you in any way?"

    "We didn't lay one harmful finger on her, Matsuda," Kira finally came out with my soup he said he was going to make. He placed it on the end table in front of my couch and smiled at me, "Did we, Arisa?"

    "N-no! Not at all!"

    "That's good. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't introduce ourselves properly, did I?" he chuckled out of his own mistake, "I'm Matsuda and that's Takeuchi back there." Matsuda gestured to Takeuchi with the hand that was on my head. Matsuda looked back at me and smiled, "Go ahead and eat. You're probably starving."

    I nodded. He seemed so incredibly nice. How could he have let Kira and Kai kidnap me? I looked behind Matsuda at Takeuchi who was smiling widely. He waved to me.


    I smiled hesitantly and made a small wave to him. Matsuda turned back around to Takeuchi.

    "Let's get you to that hotel, Takeuchi. Your girlfriend is probably waiting there for you,"

    Takeuchi nodded and smiled childishly at me again. He had to be at least a year younger than me, but he acted like such a child...as did I at times.

    "That's gross, Takeuchi!" shouted Kai, exiting the kitchen and entering the living room.

    "What else do you expect him and his girlfriend to do?! They haven't seen each other in months!" Matsuda shouted back at Kai. Even when Matsuda was shouting, his voice still sounded like an angel's.

    Kai rolled his eyes and snorted. Matsuda and Takeuchi left as quick as they arrived. I sighed, Great, I'm stuck with Kai and Kira again. I shrugged and picked up my spoon.

    "Thank you for the soup, Kira," I whispered as I blew on my soup gently so it wouldn't splatter and ruin the elegant coffee table.

    "It's no problem" I shot my head up as soon as I heard Kira's voice. How could he hear me? I barely whispered. This family was getting weird. They're not related, but still...they seem to have too much in common. They seem too...inhuman.

    "Kai, go ahead and keep an eye on Arisa. I'm going to take a shower." Kira headed up the stairs and was gone in an instant. I kept watching after him even after he was gone. I wanted to be talking to him rather than Kai.

    I sighed and turned my attention back to my soup Kira had so elegantly prepared for me. It was potato soup. I was lucky because most people prepare chicken and noodle for me, but what they never knew was that I was a vegetarian. I absolutely refuse to eat meat. I can't stand the fact that I could be eating a baby chick or even a baby pig for my breakfast or dinner. I could never stomach that fact. It's too cruel. I heard Kai place himself on the chair closest to my couch. He leaned forward and rested his elbows upon his knees and folded his hands together lightly. I heard him sit down, but I didn't hear him walk over. I could barely ever hear people walking over. They...glided.

    "You enjoying that?"

    I felt as if someone was repeatedly slapping me outside the head. Why does he keep being...nice all of a sudden? Maybe because he's the baby brother. Baby siblings always listen to their older siblings.

    I swallowed the scolding hot soup quickly and suddenly regretting it. My throat felt as if it were on fire and I didn't have anything to drink to wash it down, "Y-yeah," I coughed for some reason. I knew that coughing would only make my throat burn more. I didn't want to be rude and run right to their refrigerator so I decided to wait out the pain. I could really use Kira right now. He could touch my throat and the heat would be frozen over. Wait...

    "Hey, Kai. Weren't you gonna tell me something about you and Kira?"

    Kai laughed. I didn't see what was so humerous about what I said. I replayed the statement in my head...Nope. Nothing funny. This time I gave the confusing look.

    "Whatever. You're not going to believe me. Kira and Matsuda would beat me up if I told you."

    "I won't tell them you told me,"

    "Yes you will. I can feel it."

    I frowned at Kai. I shrugged it off and took another spoonful of soup. I blew onto it for a long time so I could be sure it was cool at least on the outside and I took the bite. Moments of silence passed until Kai spoke again.

    "You know about fantasies, right?"


    "You want them to be real but you know they're not? Nor are they supposed to be?"


    "Let's say that...not all fantasies are completely false,"

    I raised an eyebrow and glanced at Kai from the corner of my eye. I paused from eating my soup, "Go on,"

    "I saw when I took off with you last night that you and your friend were reading a novel about Vampires,"

    My heart sped up a little bit. What was he getting to? I tried to act like I wasn't too interested but truely, I wanted to know everything he was trying to say.

    "Okay, listen up cause I'm only saying it once, okay? What I'm trying to say is that Kira and I--only Kira and I--are what you would call Vampires or blood-suckers."

    At the last part of Kai's confession, I stopped eating my soup and froze where I was, allowing my spoon to drop safely into my bowl, but some of the soup jumped out onto the coffee table. It took me a couple of moments to remember how to breathe and blink. I wiped the drops of soup off of the coffee table with my sleeve and remained silent with a straight face. I could feel Kai staring at me, waiting for a response. I leaned back on the couch so my back was comfortably fitted on the backrest and rested my hands in my lap. I tried my hardest to look proper.

    "A Vampire, huh?" I tried to make Kai sound like he was trying to make me feel stupid. I was trying to make him feel stupid, "I don't believe in that stuff, Kai. It was just a novel I was reading; fiction. It's not real, Kai."

    There was another moment of silence. I finally got fed up with it and carried my bowl and spoon into the kitchen. I put it on the counter because I didn't know whether or not I should put it in the dishwasher or the sink. This time, I could hear Kira coming down the stairs. It was more like he was stomping. I entered the living room and saw Kira clenching his fists and standing in front of Kai who was casually and boringly slouching down in the chair. I paused and observed from the doorway.

    "You told her?" Kira confronted through gritted teeth.

    Kai scoffed, "She doesn't believe me anyways, Kira,"

    "Kai, you idiot,"

    Kai and Kira looked over in my direction. I was at a loss. Now both of them were admitting to Kai's confrontation. Of course I didn't believe them, but part of me was starting to. Kai told me and Kira was trying to tell Kai not to tell me; to keep it a secret. A secret I couldn't and wouldn't understand. How could I know if they were telling the truth?