• Guardian Angel (part two)

    They both just sat there for a while staring into each others eyes. Then the boy slowly started to rise taking Caroline with him. He looked towards the west to see that the sun was painting his goodbyes on the clouds. He carefully set Caroline back on the ground, his muscular arms had no difficulty in the task. He grabbed the girls hand again not wanting to let go for a second. He walked her to her doorstep and was loath to let go and leave. Before he left he bent over to whisper in her ear, “ I won’t be far,” he promised.
    Then he walked to a nearby tree and started to lean against it. As soon as he heard the door shut in the distance it felt like gravity actually had an effect on him and he collapsed onto the ground. He was utterly confused. Everything he’d done so far had been out of instinct and now that the girl that had driven him to do so was gone he wasn‘t sure what to do next. He climbed up the tree thankful that the girl, Caroline, hadn’t asked him his name because he wasn’t sure he could answer.
    The tree was right by a window inside he thought he could see the silhouette of the girl but he wasn’t sure so he just lay down in the crevice of the tree. It wasn’t exactly comfortable but he had nowhere else to go. As the sun said its final goodbyes he felt a warmth surround him and in his daze of sleep he thought he saw white feathery wings laying on top of him. His head was in the direction of the window and only his head could be seen from there. Over time he drifted into the sanctuary of dreams.

    Caroline stepped out of the bathroom and into the cool air of the hallway. She had just finished taking a shower and felt so vivacious that she couldn’t help beaming at every thing. She wasn’t sure how she was going to find mystery boy again but she was and tomorrow would be the best Saturday she had in in a long time. She walked into her bedroom not bothering to turn on the light and jumped into her bed.
    Her life wasn’t completely dead any more. It had been revived. She covered herself up with a blanket and drifted of to sleep. She had a strange dream that night being that she never dreams was even stranger. In her dream it was completely dark except for the moon and she was completely in shock. No matter how much she tried she couldn‘t scream or run or any thing. Then the sun started to rise and her terror set with the moon.
    Suddenly she found herself walking with the boy she’d met yesterday. He leaned in to kiss her on the forehead and as he did so she woke up. She still hadn’t opened her eyes ,but as she regained her senses she felt cool air blow against her head that smelt like roses. Then she felt some thing wet press against her fore head and she immediately opened her eyes to see the boy she had walked with in her dreams. The window was open and Caroline could see the sun was just rising. “ You were screaming,” was all he said. The boy noticed the shocked look on her face before she did and quickly spoke, “Do you want me to leave,” and he turned towards the window with a foot on the sill faster then she thought possible.
    “ Wait!” she called after him as she threw the blankets off her bed and ran to the window. He was standing in a tree that reached up to her two story window standing on a branch that would probably break under his weight. Then she heard a snapping noise and screamed as the branch he was standing on snapped and he fell.(to be continued)