• One Day rises up.
    i don't feel good.
    Kill people aren't easier as it seems.

    i catch my guns and get ready
    to make another funeral
    when i finally found my victim:

    Their Eyes shine as emeralds
    his lips are so beautiful
    Walk softly, as an angel
    i never see nothing like that.

    When i get ready to pull the trigger
    Of the large sniper rifle
    My heart beats up more faster as it seems.

    and i start thinking:
    "Can she knows their hard date with death?"
    And i take my hand out of the trigger.

    When i finally looked again
    she grabs their cellular
    and starts to make a call

    when my white hair get up
    my cellular starts to ring
    and i don't know the number

    and a pretty voice starts to tell
    "look down to get a surprise!"
    and automatically i make it.

    when my head moved
    the voice starts again
    and she tell something who i think i will never hear:

    "i just called to say:
    I loved you, yesterday,today and will love tomorrow.
    Be my love eternally."

    and i talk:
    "do you know my job?
    why am i here?

    "for me, don't matter" she talk
    "i just want you.
    Attend my wish."

    i ended the call...

    and look behind...

    She's there...

    and say: Don't matter you job. I wanna love you.

    I Accepted...She kissed me...and I'm feeled something new: love