• Chapter 1
    The Accident

    Chimie was jogging along her street with her mp3 on and she was singing along to her favorite song. On one side of the street there was a sidewalk the led around a rectangular park, the other side had houses. She looked to the right and saw one of her best friends Neko waving. Chimie waved back.
    "LOOK OUT CHIMIE! THERE'S A STOP SI-" Neko yelled out but cut off in the middle of her warning. Chimie smacked hardly into a stop sign and just stood there, frozen and slightly twitching.
    " Sign...erm....guess that was a bit of a hopeless attempt...." Neko said with a sigh. "Well...better go see if she's alright then" Neko continued as she walked across the street to the stop sign. Chimie was still standing there, face stuck to the stop sign, twitching. Neko gently started to pull Chimie off the stop sign.
    "OMFG DOOOOOON'T! STOP! OOOOOOOOW! STOP! OUCHIES!" yelled Chimie with a muffled voice. Neko looked at her with a puzzled look and shrugged. Neko tugged hard and Chimie snapped off,her face slightly flattened though.
    "Ooooooooow...." was all Chimie whimpered and she sat on the floor. She felt icy cold water being pulled all over her, but she didn't know why. She then looked up and saw Neko pouring her waterbottle on her.
    "Alright, alright I'm good, thanks Neko." thanked Chimie
    "Anythime, my uncoordinated firend, anytime" laughed Neko. Chimie rolled her eyes, said goodbye to Neko and went home.

    "Ok...that is the LAST time I jog around the park with my mp3 player!" groaned Chimie as she changed out of her sweats into a hot pink mini skirt paired with a black strapless tube top and some small black heels. She glided out of her room and down the stairs to meet her parents in the kitchen.
    "Oh there is no way in hell that you're going out dressed like that Chimie!" screamed her father.
    "What is the big deal! Oh, I'm wearing a mini skirt...big deal!" Chimie argued
    "I agree with your father, go put on a FULL shirt right now young lady" said her mother sternly
    "UGH! FINE!" shouted Chimie admitting defeat as she stomped up the stairs, overexagerating a little with the stomps. she flopped onto her bed and ripped off the tube top. Chimie grabbed a black spaghetti strap out of her closet and slid it on. But then she took a moment to think, and she slid her tube top on under the spaghetti strap top.
    "There...that should be acceptable" mocked Chimie with a sneaky grin cross her face. She, once again, glided down the stairs and over to the front door.
    "Much better, be back by 10 though!" demanded her father as Chimie flew out the door before he could get the last few words in. Chimie tore of the spaghetti strap top and stuffed it in her purse. She trotted over to Kilika's house, one of her best friends. On her way there, she had a bit of an embarrasing accident. While Chimie was walking by a wooden picket fence, her top got caught on one of the pickets and it tore down the back and fell off.
    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" she screamed so loud that it attracted the attention of everyone within a 5 mile radius! Several of the guys that were near her snickered and raised their eyebrows at her. Chimie's face turned completely red. Fortunately, she was outside of Kilika's house and she dashed in without even knocking. Kilika came out of the kitchen and stared for about 5 minutes straight it seemed like...until she burst into uncontrollable laughter.
    "It's not funny! Let me borrow one of your tops please!" begged Chimie. Kilika handed her a white halter top and Chimie slid it on.
    "Thanks" Chimie breathed a sigh of releif. Kilika and Chimie met up with Neko down the street and they headed for Kayliana's house, a friend of all of them.
    "Let's hope that Chimie doesn't strip again!" giggled Neko.
    "Oh shut up Neko! Hmph" pouted Chimie. They stopped outside an extremely bright purple house.
    "Holy jesus! I guess Kay repainted the house already! My gosh that's bright!" complained Kilika as she shielded her eyes. Neko knocked on the door.
    "COMING!" screamed a voice. Moments later Kayliana bursted through the door with a tight fitting, short, sleevless purple dress. She also had on black lace up heels with some fishnets randomly placed in different spots on her legs and arms. You could even notice the tiny red her tatoo on her upper right thigh.
    "And my parents wouldn't let me wear a tube top?! the wolrd nowadays..." Chimie rolled her eyes.
    "Let's go already!" laughed Kayliana. All four girls walked down the street. Chimie in her black mini skirt and whit haltar. The pink mini skirt complimented Chimie's brown hair and deep topaz eyes. And Kilika in her green cropped t-shirt with a black knee lenght kirt and fish nets. Her shirt matched her black hair with green bangs and light green eyes. Neko was wearing a royal blue tank top with washed out jeans that had holes in them. Neko had brown hair and deep blue eyes. And last but not least...well maybe least...Kayliana with her skimpy purple dress. Kayliana LOVED purple so she had purple eyes and black hair with purple streaks. The four best friends walked into to town.

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