Naruto sat on the edge of the dock, sticking his feet into the light blue water. He looked over the edge wearily, Seeing how clear it was. It wasn't a shallow river, or a really deep one at that. It was about ten feet down, and you could see perfectly to the bottom. He looked over to where Kakashi was reading his stupid book. And Sakura was in the water trying to get Sasuke to talk to her. He growled lightly. How much he hated the way that she attempted to get his attention like that.

    Naruto came back to the real world when Sakura called his name.

    "Come on Naruto! Get into the water!" She squealed, making Naruto want to wring her neck. He had told her that he doesn't like her anymore, although she never thought that it was true. But, it was. And if she didn't believe it, then it was her problem.

    He took a deep breath, trying to steady his pounding heart. He nodded, telling her that he heard her, and slowly slipped his feet into the water. He clenched onto the dock as he was finally in.

    Naruto only stayed in the water for about two minutes when he slid over to the edge, where the water met the land. He crawled up the side of the small slope before plopping next to Kakashi-sensei, who was still reading his book. He looked over to where Sasuke was standing, and saw Sakura trying to get his attention, yet again. He smirked, seeing how it wasn't working.

    "Sasuke~! Since your skin is so fair, can I put sun lotion on your back? Please!? I wouldn't want you to get sun burn~!" She squealed as she held onto the bottle like her life depended on it.

    Sasuke sighed. "Fine." He muttered, sitting down in the shade next to the tree. Sakura squealed as she sat down behind him, carefully putting the lotion on his back and making sure that she touched every part of his skin.

    Naruto growled as he looked away, tears stinging at his deep blue eyes. He wrapped his knees up to his chest, setting his head on them. After sitting there for a while, he walked back to the edge of the dock. He looked up into the sky as his feet swished back and forth over the water, making the water splash up onto his feet.

    He looked up when he heard Sakura call his name, again. He tilted his head to the side, wanting to know what she wanted, but not wanting to talk to her.

    "Get in Naruto! The water feels fine!" She called, waving her hand for him to swim over.

    Naurto quickly shook his head. He couldn't tell them that he couldn't swim. He would just get laughed at. It was one of those things that he never thought he didn't need. And without parents to teach him, he didn't want to go to some random person and ask them if they could teach him how to swim.

    Sakura frowned, but then grinned all of a sudden, looking at something that was past him. This caused the blonde to wonder, suddenly hearing foot steps behind him, his eyes opened wide. Naruto quickly turned around, only being able to see raven hair as he was forced into the water.

    Naurto tried to scream, but he was already sinking down to the bottom of the river. His eyes were open wide, but then he shut them, the light from the sun reflecting under the water, making it blind him. But, Naruto wanted to see what was around him. So, he slowly opened his eyes again, waiting for them to get used to the light.

    He would have gasped at the scene that was around him, if it wasn't for the fact that he was holding his breath.

    All around him, was sand. Small bubbles where fish were swimming away, and toward him. He smiled at the beautiful sight.

    There was a strange pain in his chest, a burning sensation. He wondered why he was still holding his breath.

    He breathed out, making bubbles shoot out of his mouth, raising to the surface where the sun was.

    His eyes got wide as he remembered why he was holding his breath.

    He took a sharp intake of air, well, water.

    It was to late, he couldn't swim to the top, not knowing how to swim. And even if he did, it wouldn't help him now. He was already dying, his vision fading to black all around him.

    Naruto closed his eyes, after he saw something swoop down into the water and pick him up.

    Suddenly, he felt cold. He tried to wrap his arms around whatever was near him, emitting off heat, but his arms wouldn't respond. His nerves must of shut down.

    So this was it. He was going to die here.

    Something cold fell down onto his lips, he thought it was water at first, but it was to salty.

    Whoever had saved him, was crying. Crying, for him.

    Naruto screamed at his body, making him allow his eyes to open, at least halfway.

    Finally, his body responded. The person who was holding him, crying for him, was indeed, Uchiha Sasuke.

    "S-s-sasuke....." He croaked out, his voice barely coming out to a whisper.

    He was pulled away from the raven haired boy.

    He was crying. Naruto was right, Sasuke was shedding tears for him.

    Naruto halfway smiled.

    "I-I'm sorry Naruto! I didn't..... I didn't know!" Sasuke managed to get out, his voice hoarse from crying.

    Sakura was on her knees, her to crying of what was happening. She didn't believe, that the little bit of playing that they did, pushing him into the water, that he refused to get in a secound time, was dying in front of her.

    Kakashi was standing behind Sasuke, he placed his hand firmly on Sasuke's shoulder, knowing that it was to late to save the blonde boy.

    The last thing that Naruto heard, was Sasuke, practically screaming at the top his lungs.

    "N-Naruto! Sasuke yelled, knowing

    Naruto just smiled sadly, wanting to hear the rest of what Sasuke was telling him, and then his eyes fluttered closed once again. Naruto cursed at his body, wanting to see Sasuke, wanted to tell him, that he loved him.

    But his body wouldn't react this time.

    A few minutes later, he opened his eyes.

    But, now he wasn't with Sasuke, dying.

    He was inside of his own body, lying there in the shallow water, seeing the Kyuubi growl and attack the bars of her cage.

    From Naruto's now-dead strength, Kyuubi managed to break the seal, her eyes a deadly crimson.

    Naruto closed his eyes tightly, and then, never opened them again.......

    He was dead.