• prolouge
    in the lands of nezeeroth, the days are short and the nights are cold. The lands are mostly dead. the dirt is dry and brittle, crunching underneath the steps of the creatures who live here.
    our story begins in a small village near a large creek. It is here that a boy named Axl was born. He was born at a most unusual time. The time at which he was born was exactly at the moment the Black point happened.
    The Black point is the instant where day becomes night. At this moment everything becomes black. For Axl however this moment turns into hours, hours filled with Demons, undead, and monsters. These monsters hunt and eat the souls of those they can, this is why there is such a high unknown death rate in these lands.
    Axl has now been fighting these creatures for seventeen years, and continues to fight them. He is the only one that stands between these creatures and their dinner. So he continues to fight alone hoping to survive till the next day.

    chapter 1-The Black point
    The sound of metal hitting metal vibrates through the air. The people of the town of Getsu barely take notice of the two boys sparring in the water. they are to busy going through their lives of gathering enough to live on in this harsh land.
    One of the boys,Fenix, is average sized but has more muscle than most guys his age. his hair is well kept and a light brown in color, his eyes match his hair. The other boy is Axl, he is average hieght but has a more athletic build than Fenix. his hair is a redish black.
    " dang, i really like ur idea Axl, this creek is much harder to train in," Fenix yelled over the water.
    " yeah i know," returned Axl out of breath.
    The two boys circle eachother then jump and collide Enki sending sparks flying. Enki is the villages name for their trademark short sword. it has a single edged blade with the bottom wrapped in leather to form the hilt.
    The boys continue to slash and stab at each other. they continue to do this until the sun begins to fall in the sky. Axl stops, " okay enough, im done"
    Fenix grabs Axl's sword and swings it over his shoulder, " thats right its about time u went and took care of ur mom"
    " yeah," Axl turned and began to walk up the hill to his house," see you tomorrow right?"
    " of course, its our coming of the hunt ceremony tomorrow remember," Fenix begins to walk to the storage.
    "coming of the hunt huh, " Axl whispers as he hurries to his house. he goes inside to see his mother in her usual chair, " im home mom," he whispered.
    " oh Axl dear i didnt hear you come home," she said startled
    Axl chuckles, " i know, how does soup sound for dinner?"
    " that sounds lovel-" she never got to finish the sentence before her body becam a large white light and the world became darker
    Axl let out a loud sigh and grabbed a Enki, " it has begun then... the Black point."

    chapter 2-A Feirce Battle
    Axl stares over his village, a massive army of skeletons is closing in on it. He takes of running down the hill preparing for the inevitable battle.
    " lets get this done with," Axl jumps in the air and comes down on the first set of skeletons to meet his blade. The skeletons notice him and start to move toward him, but as soon as they get close he swings his sword and cuts them in two.
    As the battle continues a loud bloody screech is heard through the air. Almost instantly all the skeletons fall to their knees. Except for one, this one was bigger than the others and wielded a giant black claymore and was emitting the screech. It stops and looks down at Axl and charges him.
    " Oh cru-" he puts up his sword just in time to block the skeletons. The blow shot Axl back, skidding along the ground. Axl regains himself and charges the skeleton colliding blades and sending sparks into the air with each swing. He then swings around and kicks the skeleton in the side of his skull. The skeleton, seeming unaffected by this, grabs his ankle and throws him aside. Axl quickly recovers himself and takes a quick swing into the skeletons arm but the blade stops on contact.
    " to dull!" the skeleton quickly shoves his blade aside and headbutts him, sending him flying off. Axl quickly somersaults and lands on his feet. He lets a few dots of blood trickle from his cracked forehead before charging the skeleton again.
    The skeleton pushes him aside and shoves his massive blade down at him. Axl quickly jumps outa the way and watches the blade slice deep into the ground. Seeing his only chance he shoves his foot on the blade and takes a massive swing at its head. Just as it seem the blade will hit, everything disappears.