• Blood eye Chapter 2= the pain

    I awoke in a daze, I felt as if I’d been hit by a truck; It was so painful to move It felt like a million needles stabbing me all throughout my body. I tried to think but my stomach was screeching biting at me with hunger. It was around five in the morning now and Ellie must have fallen to sleep a wile ago.
    Why am I in so much pain? I thought to myself.
    Just a few hours ago I was watching her and thought that they were just a myth but….
    That cant be… they’re not real. I assured my self.
    I got out of my bed and headed for the bathroom, I snuck by my sister’s room so she wouldn’t wake; she’s a light sleeper.
    As I reach the bathroom a surge of pain hit me in my neck and I had to catch myself on the door handle and my reflexes made me smack my neck! And just barely touching it before hurt like hell, but smacking it made me yell in agony. I fell to the floor faster then I could process through me mind.
    As I lay there I was wondering if my sister heard me, probably the whole neighborhood heard me. I hope they didn’t, I hate showing my pain. My problems should only be for myself, even if I hurt all over or if there’s cuts and bruises for all that mattered.

    After lying there for what seemed like forever I got up slowly; All the while feeling the pain in my body. I looked at the bathroom mirror and saw the lumps on my neck,
    Well last night was not a dream, I sighed to myself.
    I got a few Band-Aids out of the mirror cabinet and easily put them on my neck to cover the spots.
    Man, Ellie must have been out cold last night.
    Once I got the band-aid on my neck I left the bathroom and went to the kitchen to find something to eat. There was left over roast beef and Sunny D in the refrigerator. I picked the beef that was on a plate and stuck it in the microwave, and put the Sunny D in dad’s mug on the table and took a sip. “This tastes like dirt?” I said out loud. I dumped the liquid out and filled the mug back up with water.
    Before I could take a sip of water the microwave buzzing was telling me that the beef was done, I stepped toward the microwave when my alarm clock in my room roared to life. Now not feeling so hungry anymore I ended putting the beef back in the refrigerator and ran up stairs to my room and turned the alarm off and started getting dressed, for it was the first day of school after all.
    Ellie came to my room still in her pajamas and said “I had the weirdest dream last night.” She said still half-asleep. And then she looked up at my neck. “What happened to your neck?”
    I hesitated “I-I got bit by a spider its nothing.” I tried to sound like I was telling the truth, She looked me in the face. The look she always does when she tries to see if I’m lying, “Well I guess I’ll believe you for now but if you have anything you would like to tell me just say it okay?”
    I sighed “yea sure whatever.” I said sarcastically. She punched me in the chest playfully “Don’t be such a jerk Zack” she complained. “Oh yea don’t miss school this year or you will get kicked out for sure this time, no ones going to help you don’t repeat your self too much.” She scolds.
    Yea I know, I thought to my self then nodded to her.
    “Well I got a job interview today; wish me luck!” she ran out the door without another word. She use to not have to be so responsible but it all changed after the car accident…
    I hate Mondays, I thought to myself.
    I left for my special place a little early that day so I would be able to travel a little longer before I had to get to school. That day was not too different from other days. I traveled to and through the maze of the forest; marking places I have been and going deeper into the forest. People say that there is a magical place out there that changes people forever, but its just myth it’s not like its true or anything.
    Stemfeld is a small town in Northwest Washington, covered with a wall of trees all the way around the town. I lived on the north part of town, and the forest area I travel in is on Market Street at the western edge of town. I walk there every day, I have a car but I‘ve never had to use it; the town is so small that mostly everyone walks to where they need to go.
    The sidewalks are old; they’re just stepping-stones then concrete sidewalk in the city. I don’t really know why the town is so old fashion; it just looks crummy to me.
    I was 4 blocks away from my house now and it was 2 more till I was on Market Street. Market Street is also where the only bench in town is… It’s the monument to the mayor’s great grandfather’s daughter.
    Things don’t seem to change here. Nothing exciting happens here and it makes things quite and boring. That’s why I travel the forest so often. it’s always changing and the forest is so alive with wild life.

    As I turn on Market Street, I saw the alley that I use to hang out at. I use to through eggs at rich peoples cars; they are the only ones that drive around town. The alley was behind the Market Street’s general store. It has a creepy old man that works there. People in this town are stale: they get too old to fast. I knew a kid that was in a college classes and he was only 11 years old. He never had fun or had any friends it’s kind of sad how his life is going by so fast.

    I had reached the base of the forest now; as I approach the forest I saw a wave of string like blackness speeding into the forest.
    I think I’m hallucinating…
    I did not think much of it and continued walking into the forest. The forest was over flowed with mist, making the air thick with water and also made it better for wildlife in the forest so I didn’t mind.
    After an hour I was feeling like something was watching me. The forest was real quiet and the air was starting to get harder to breath. Then I felt a shock going through my body; it was so painful that I felt like I was close to passing out. I just shook it off and continued on my way deeper into the forest.

    I saw the first tree that I marked, it was a tree that twisted its self up on a different tree; I had also cut out a few holes in it and placed a rose seed in each them and filled the hole back up with the moss on the ground. There were a lot of other marks I had left but most of them were the rose seeds in the trees I thought they would make the forest livelier in the future.
    The forest was starting to get thicker with fog and the feeling that someone was watching me was getting stronger.
    I looked up and saw the shadow that had rushed into the forest earlier, shooting from branch to branch above me. I gasped and just kept going as if I didn’t see anything,
    What is it? I thought
    As I approach the last mark the shadow skipped to the tree and landed right in front of it and turned to look at me. The tree was a giant. and it was covered with rose seeds. As I enclose toward the shadow. It became a she and she then to the girl from last night.
    “I’m not too surprised that you came after me.” I said in a calm voice hiding the shock that she was here leaning against the enormous tree with the face that sent a shock familiar to this morning’s pain, She laughs “Did you expect me to kill you?” she said in a voice that made me feel like screaming.
    “Well why didn’t you last night?” I asked confused, She turned and looked up at the tree “Intriguing. you’ve done a good job with the rose seeds. Do you think they well grow?” she said changing the subject.
    “Why Do you care, and how do you even know I did that?” I asked frustrated but amused.
    She turned on her heels and started walking towards me “You know,” she proceeded closer. “What if there was a reason I didn’t end your or your sisters life?” she asked strategically that hinted something I couldn’t comprehend.
    A shock went through my face like lightning. “What! How did you know she was my sister, and what reason are you talking about?” my frustration was showing in my voice now.
    She stopped a few feet in front and starts laughing at me again “you ask a lot of questions,” she said in a playful voice. “Well would you like to know my name first?” she asked.
    I looked at here strangely “umm yea sure...what’s your name?” I wasn’t actually aware how bad I was at keeping a steady conversation going.
    She laughs, “My name is Jennet. What’s yours?”
    Jennet… why does that name sound so familiar?
    I looked at her face. Her eyes were an amber color that I have never seen before. “Well are you going to stop staring at my eyes and tell me your name?” she said with a playfully high voice.
    My face started to feel really hot “m-my name is Zack Zellis.” I stuttered turning my head away to hide my face.
    “You’re a real shy one aren’t you?” she cued. “People and fairy tale creatures all seem to find me that way?” I groaned.
    The little talk we seemed to be having starting to make me uncomfortable with her.
    “Maybe because you are,” She said calmly. I turned my head away with my arms crossed.
    “Well be expecting to see me again soon.” She said then turned and disappeared into the sunlight in shadow like lines.
    I felt really confused now.
    What just happened?
    I looked back up at the giant tree and saw a rose bud sprouting out from the tree.
    I was jumping up too get a better look at it as I thought about what I had to do today.
    My watch showed that I was going to be late “Crap!” I yield. I was backtracking as fast as I could.
    Wow I feel really light, but my body feels as if it was burnt…
    Before I realized it I was out of the forest, some how…
    How did I get out THAT fast?
    I was now right next to the bench on Market Street.
    The shortest way to school was to go a couple streets down from the market and take the hill alley way and the school football field would be just beyond that point.
    Before I left I looked down at the bench, at the leg of the bench it said “To my dearest Jennet” my eyes widened at the name.
    This seat was made around 70 years ago… Jennet? My thoughts rushed at me so fast that I forgot that my legs were even moving.
    I was half way up the alley hill already; I was running so fast…
    Well I’m going to ponder more on it later.

    * * *

    “Wow Zellis you made it on the first day! I am vary proud of you.” Mr. Roein announced sarcastically to the class right as I came into the classroom. I just gave him a smirk and asked where my seat was just as the bell ringed.
    “Well, I will be handing out your world history books on Wednesday so today is get to know everyone day.” He said to the class. I’ve known Mr. Roein sense elementary school and I have never liked him.
    While everyone was saying there names I was checking out my schedule; “World History, English 2, life science, pre-algebra, ceramics, and P.E.” I mumbled to myself.
    “Well are you going to tell us about your self Zellis?” Mr. Roein beamed at me.
    I glared at him then answered him “Cut the crap! We all know each other and everyone knows me for that matter. WHY do we even do this period?” the whole room was silent “Okay, if anyone in here is new please speak up and tell me you don’t know anyone one here!” the class sounded all the more hollow, all I could hear was my own voice.
    Well, after all of that, all they did is skip me and kept going like they didn’t hear anything I’d said. The rest of the day just went by with no homework given out today and everyone did know just ignored me.
    Lunch was just a heap of annoying voices, so I didn’t eat at school; I walked out side to the only tree on the campus and sat underneath it throughout lunch looking up at the clouded sky from beneath the fern.
    P.E. was a breeze I felt like I could physically do anything. We were doing the mile run, which consists of us running around the school two times. I ended up doing six laps with ease and time to spare.
    That was the last period of the day so after that I went home the same way I came from.
    The streets were shining in the early moonlight tonight; houses all open to what’s left of the twilight.
    It has been okay weather lately: It’s been nice but it won’t last for much longer.
    Right as I entered the house Ellie was there to greet me.
    “Hay Zack! How was your first day at school?” I sighed at the question,
    She frowned “It was that bad?” I was starting to get irritated already, “Ellie you know how school is, why did you even ask?” I snapped back at her.
    She looked down at her feet with a sad face and said nothing. “I‘m going to my room,” I said to end the short conversation.
    My room was kind of small and my bed was a mess; my room had no color to it, it was a storage room before I moved in to it so it’s a tad bit dull like most storage rooms.
    I also had many shelves full of junk and crap I don’t use, and a computer that I don’t even turn on either because I have no Internet.
    I usually go to sleep when I come home but for some reason I cant sleep at all, every time I close my eyes for a long period of time my head started to throb, but after a while I ended up falling asleep any way.
    But at the edge of my conciseness I could hear someone talking, “he is the bey lo oed I can just feel it,” there was a different person talking but I couldn’t make out what he or she was saying but then the first voice came back again “why kill him? And yes I did administer the bite.” Once again the other voice mumbled. “Yes that’s true… but if we can control him, maybe we can…” Then I lost all comprehension and conciseness.