• Narrator: Bill is watching t.v.!

    Bill: Rose where's my soda!

    Rose: ~throws soda at bill and watches as it smacks him on the head~ THERE!

    Narrator: Bill falls on the couch unconscious and rose runs to him!

    Rose: serves you right ~smirks and walks off~

    Bommy: hey john did you know the most viewed websites on the internet are po.... OH MY GOD SOMEONE KILLED BILL!

    John: well lets go get the shovel...

    Narrator: John thinks to himself "FINALLY HE'S DEAD"

    John: man it sucks Bill died... he owed me five dollars... ~sighs and starts burying Bill~

    Narrator: THE NEXT DAY!

    John: man that narrator guy is kinda gettin annoying huh?

    Pier: yeah.... well get used to it he'll be there for a while

    Narrator: Damn right!

    Pier jr.: snu snu!

    Narrator: Holy hell! what is that thing?! he's not in my story!

    Pier: he must be in the story he's pier jr.!

    Narrator: I don't care! get rid of him!

    Pier: well you got two choices... its either we go or you go!

    Narrator: you weren't in the story either go if you want!

    Pier: ... john? thinkin what im thinkin?

    John: i got a pretty good idea... ~eyes shine brightly and stare's at the narrator~

    Narrator: hey... HEY! what are you doing?! no... NO! s-stop! NOOOOOOOOO!!

    ~the next day~

    John: ah peace and quiet.....

    Bill: ~walks in with a hand to his head~ man.... what happened?

    John&Bommy: ~stares at bill with fear in their eyes~

    Bill: what?

    John&Bommy: Z-Z-ZOMBIIIIIEEE!!!! AIEEEEE!!!

    Rose: ~walks in~ geeze there you are Bill... where have you... whats with them?

    Bill: beats me.... all i remember is blacking out while watching teletubbys and then waking up in a hole....

    FBI agent: I can tell you what happened... but its going to cost ya...

    Bill: pier get out of that Halloween costume....

    Pier: but... but.... but... i wanna play FBI!

    Bill: fine.... but leave me out of it!

    Pier jr.: "Hisssss"

    to be continued?