• ~Past Part 4b~

    One day, a demon name Koga went out to look for food. [[go hunting]] he was young and naive. He hated human. But, he did know what was right and what was wrong.

    As he went deep into the forest looking for food. He hears a scream and thuds of a kuni knife, hitting against a tree. At first he was just going to ignore it. Thinking I was just a human... until he heard voices... Koga started to feel demonic chakura. So, he thought that there was a fuss going on. [[he wanted to help]] but once he got there he sees 3 demons attacking a human girl.

    There were rogue demon. The scum of the demon kind... the human was amazing! She held up a really good fight with them. She was a human but here strength was really high and powerful. Her name was Kirara. Her movement and fighting skill were very smooth and graceful. It was like she was floating in air as she glided through. Her dodging movement were graceful. As if there was no gravity.

    Koga was really impressed.

    For a moment he thought she was demon herself. Until...one of the ogre like demon managed a clean hit on her. The force was strong! It blew her 10 miles, crashing over more then 19 trunks that were more then 2 ½ ft. thick. And ended up making a crater 50 meters wide.

    Koga saw the power and flinched it was too horrible to watch, one with great beauty and amazing unique skill, to be crashed and hurt so harsh. He looked into her eyes.

    Even though they were miles away. He could see the determination. The pain and struggle in her. He saw innocents...
    it couldn't be helped on what Koga did next. Even though the other demons ere 3 times his size. He did what ever it took to take them down.

    Sadly, his help wasn't good enough. After being tattered and left on the floor. The others went back to the girl. They picked Kirara up like a rag doll. They used her to mock Koga. With his foolishness for trying to save a human. As they did so... the girl was ashamed... she doesn't even know Koga. But she was sad for letting him be mocked. All because of her.

    She said with out looking up. “...It is not the demon who was a fool. But the human who helped made the demon stronger. But her me out. That wolf demon IS stronger then the 3 of you nut heads together. He just pitties, you all, for he doesn't show his true strength... and besides why would he want to save a human? After all we are the true scum of the planet..”

    Complimenting him... bluffing and betraying her own kind.. why? To prove she was the real fool? How does that help him be stronger? What is that going to do for him in that situation?

    For that moment, hatred ran through Kogas veins...he became more and more angry! Tears and blood ran out of him. His fangs and eyes grew red. His chakura and flame of will grew...

    [[to be cont. to part 4c]]