• Danny the burrito man
    One day, Danny, was sitting in a pile of gold with all the burritos in the world and then one terrible thing happened to danny.... all his burritos dissapeared!
    So, danny got up and cried for a bit. then stoped. then cried again. but then he wiped his eyes and said proud "I will find my burritos again even if i die!"
    So danny got his trusty donkey and rode off into the dessert and came along a mole. "Where am I mole?" said danny. "Your in the Saharah Desert dude."
    "Which way is it to the closest pub?" asked danny. "LOL! you are like 2 days away from it!"said the mole. "DAAAAAMMMMMNNNN IT!" screamed danny.
    So after 2 days of riding on his donkey he found the pub. "OMG ITS FREE BEER NIGHT!" screamed danny as he ran for the pub. when danny got in a man came up to and said " you has purty tweef." "whats up with you dude?"said danny. As danny was getting a beer a man came in a shot him. Danny ran out and yelled. "omg my arm!" Danny screamed "IMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR" and he shot a laser beam from his mouth at the pub blowing it up. He rode off and about 2 days later he comes along something in the dirt. As danny picked up the curious item he yelled " I FOUND A BURRITO!" Amazingly danny finds the area where evil doctor taco man had all the burritos. "hey dude give me my burritos!" said danny. " noes i will rule the world with my taco power and noone will stop me!" (if you got a hint the evil doctor taco man is the mexican man after he got angry from eating all his tacos and his chichuahua ran away(read other story) so he stole all the burritos) cried the evil doctor taco man. "just cause you got pissed off from eating all your tacos and your chichuahua ran away doesnt mean you have to steal my burritos!"
    TO BE CONTINUED............................................................................