• "Why me?" grumbled Zoey as she sliced a Gramster with her Mantis Ring. "That nasty woman at the train station is making me clean up these stinking sewers. 'It's your civic duty,' she says. Hmph.., " Zoey knocked over a Peelunger. "I'd like to make it my 'civic duty' to hit her with one of these things!"

    Zoey had recently saved herself from being smashed in a train crash, but now she'd rather be there than in the Barton Sewers. She wandered around aimlessly and sighed.

    "These Rings are really great, but I'd REALLY like to be in Barton Town instead of fighting the Animated that's plaguing these sewers," she said.

    "If you're looking to get into Barton Town, I can help you," came a friendly voice. Zoey spun around and saw a man wearing a mysterious black cloak. His gentle brown eyes were all Zoey could see on his face because of the hood he had over his head. "You can borrow my key to climb out of here. But I must warn you, the Animated is stronger up there."

    Zoey nodded, her eyes glistening with excitement. "Of course I know that! But they can't be nearly as smelly as the Animated down here," she said. "Me and my Mantis Ring can do away with them quickly."

    The hooded man shook his head ever so slightly. "Don't get over confident, young one. Don't be fooled by how silly and weak they seem. Compared to them, these sewers are a cakewalk."

    "What can I do?" questioned Zoey. She was beginning to doubt that she was ready. How could anyone not believe what the mysterious, yet beautiful, man had said?

    "I will give you another ring," said the man. "I cannot be sure if you are ready for anything too fancy, so I will give you this." From his pocket, he produced a Solar Rays Ring. It was a very simple ranged weapon, but it looked amazing to the curious eyes of Zoey.

    "Thank you very much," said Zoey as calmly as she could muster. She tried very hard to not to blush, but she was almost certain that the man could hear the erratic beating of her heart. To Zoey, because this Ring was from such a charming man, it was more magnificent than any other. She slipped it onto her finger and sighed contentedly. But when Zoey looked up, she saw that her reaction had made the man somewhat uncomfortable. This troubled Zoey. "I'm sorry," she whispered. But the man had already turned away from her.

    "The exit is this way," was all he said before disappearing into the shadows.

    Zoey was very sad, but went in the direction she was told to go in. Before long, the sunlight of Barton Town shone in her face as she left the sewers behind forever......