• One wonderful day, Two girls went out side to play but.. They seen something unusual.. What??
    It was raining PEANUT BUTTER!Now people might say this is crazy but there is an explanation for this.Captain bread Pants Was fighting off A ONE OF A KIND..... PEANUT BUTTER MAN!
    "GIVE UP"Bread said.
    "No Way Man! You give up!"Said pnutbutter.
    "But.. The people are counting on me"Said Bread.
    "They aren't coutin on me"Said Butter brains.
    The girls were hungry so they went to there house and licked it to get the peanut butter off.They did this while they watched the fight.
    "This is your final bread!I taking my knife and.. Well uhh.... spreading jam all over you!"said peanutbutter.
    "Jam doesn't hurt me it hurts you"Chuckled Bread.
    *Bread Takes out Jam Gun*
    WABAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peanut butter exploded and the girls had a lot of licking to do.... So they asked Bread,"Can You Give Us Bigger Tongues??"
    "You got huge tongues"Said Bread.
    "Thanks man"They said.
    They told their parents all about it.The parents didn't believe them.Until they turned on the Tv.On the news it showed all the peanut butter and the girls getting Huge tongues.All the parents could do was sit there with their mouths open.