• Has he was walking out of the house a horn was sounding off in the distance so he ran to the city walls to see what it was, the rangers were galloping back but they were being followed by raiders who were banishing their weapons. He ran to the stables and climbed on a horse that was there, he galloped off out of the city gates towards the rangers, he had fire in his eyes and has he let go of the reins and glided the horse with his knees, he fired off arrows at the raiders, flames were on his hands but they weren’t burning him so he used them by firing them at the raiders, throwing them from their horses on the ground hard. One look from the rangers as he rode past was off fear that he was out of control but he had friends to protect and a future wife he also had to protect. He jumped down and drew his sword but by then the raiders were driving their horses in for the kill then some off them were thrown backwards, Nathaniel looked around and saw the rangers were firing their bows at the attackers so he ran follow crying out his war cry, his sword was now on fire, the flames from his hand was flowing through his sword. The others were now running to stand by his side as the attackers came on relentlessly, he charged into them swinging sword cutting a raider from shoulder to groin, the next was fighting with two swords and the ranger that was fighting him was losing, Nathaniel brought out a throwing knife and logged it at the man, the knife hit the raiders head, point driving into the man’s eye stopping at his brain, he fell on his back, the ranger nodded his thanks and attacked another, some of the other rangers watched from the back because they had their injured comrades. Horns blew in the city as the fighting men ran out of the gates towards the fight shouting “FOR ALDRICH THE GREAT”, the raiders heard this and lost their heart in the fight, they turned and fled leaving their dead and wounded behind as they fled. As the swordsmen drew closer what they saw was horribling, the dead men were raising from the ground, their eyes were blue, no life in them, Nathaniel all the men back to the city but the sight he caught was worst, they was a army of dead walking towards them, he thought of his family, his fiancée that was behind him so he drew his energy from in him.
    Lady Gene dropped the book she was reading, a chill went up her spine as she felt magical energies being drawn from somewhere close by, then she felt a dark evil closer than the other power and one name sprang to mind, Nathaniel. She grabbed her staff and looked out towards the city walls and her son preparing a spell of great strength that rivalled her brother’s most powerful spell. She saw the swordsmen and rangers run back away from the enemy and her son but just then as the enemy was within touching distance Nathaniel released the spell shouting a phrase in elfish “FIRE BLAST SHOCKWAVE”, she saw the enemy fly back burning down to the bone then saw him fall over backwards but another powerful shockwave came from the forest when half the zombie army were getting back up on their feet and were turned to ash