• One day a little Girl named Nina was walking through the woods when a pack of wolf demons started chasing her. She ran and ran but she couldnt run fast enough. zshe had no idea that a young boy named Daniel was following her. He saw that the wolves were chasing her and he ran towards her. Nina tripped over a log that she couldnt very well see, she stumbled down and hit the ground. The wolves pranced on her. Daniel grabbed a thick branch off the ground and hit the wolves. The wolves got off of Nina and turned towards Daniel. "Run Nina! Just run and dont turn back!" He yelled to her.
    Nina got up and ran. She ran into a nearby bush and she hid from the wolves. She picked a rock off the ground and threw it at one of the wolves. She ducked into the bush right when she hit the wolf. "Im not leaving without you!" she yelled to Daniel who was still trying to fight off the wolves. He was able to get some of the wolves away from him so thst he can run towards Nina. He grabbed her hand and told her to run.
    They started running but the wolves cought up to them. One of the wolves pranced onto Nina and took her down. Daniel wasnt able to get the wolf off of her. It started eating at her like there was no tomorrow. Daniel beat the wolf off of her but it was almost too late. He picked her up and ran... ran through the woods to save the girl he loved. He ran to the nearest hospitle.
    He was able to get her into the hospitle fast enough for them to save her. A few hours later after the doctors worked on her she woke up. Slowly she opened and closed her eyes. "W-why did you save me? Why didntyou just leave me there to die?" She asked Daniel." I saved you because i dont know how i would live my life without you in it. I love you"