• A young blonde headed child was trying to hide from the people of the village hidden in the leaves. His name is Naruto Uzuamki. Every year around this time the people hate to see Naruto even more, because today was Naruto’s seventh birthday, but no one celebrated his birthday because they thought he is monster. No matter how nice he was to the villagers, they would at him with hate in their eyes. Naruto was on his way home wishing this day would end when someone threw a rock at him and hit him in the head. The blow from the rock knocks Naruto on the ground. He opened his eyes to see ninja closing in on him. “Leave me alone!” Naruto shouted. The ninja only shot hi ma angry look and said, “This is the year you die monster.” Just as the ninja was about to kill Naruto, someone with blonde hair jump out to save him. The ninja jumped back while his face was white as a ghost. “It c-can’t be your supposed to be dead, Yondaime.” the startled ninja said. A big small went across Yondaime face upon hearing his name. “Get out of my way so I can kill that monster. “the ninja shouted. I grabbed the ninja the throat and said, “Don’t you ever talk about my son like that. Both Naruto’s and the ninja’s eyes shot open upon hearing what he said. He threw the ninja to the ground and looked down at Naruto to see him crying. I ask, “what’s wrong Naruto?” “are you really my daddy? Naruto ask still crying a bit. I just smiled and pick up Naruto and said, “Yes, I am.” Naruto couldn’t believe his ears. He was so happy that he through his arms around my neck. ‘How can you protect that monster?” the ninja ask. I replied, “only monster I see is you. I ask everyone to treat my son as a hero, but instead everyone treats him as a monster. You should be ashamed.” The ninja only hung his head in shame after hearing what I said. He left after saying sorry to Naruto and me. I looked down at Naruto with a fox-like grin and he returned the same smile back.” Lets go son, I need to talk to the third hokage. ”Ok dad,” Naruto said with a big smile on his face. Along the way to the Hokage mansion, no one gave Naruto an angry look, but they gave him a surprised look. The reason why they gave us surprised look is because of me being alive and how much we looked alike.

    When we got their, I knocked on the door. Sarutobi said, “Come in.” I sent Naruto in first then I would enter. Sarutobi said, Oh Naruto ho….” before he could finish I enter the room with a smile. “So the rumors are true, you’re alive.” Sarutobi said with a stunned look. “it’s a long story but, I came here to talk about how the village treated my son, Naruto.” I said with a serious look. Naruto looked up at me and said, “Dad, don’t be mad at the old man. He has been protecting me.” “Naruto, you know that Yondaime is your dad?” Sarutobi ask with a bigger stunned look. Naruto only shot Sarutobi a fox-like grin as saying yes. “hey Sarutobi, I already told Naruto. Oh, I preferred if you called me Minato because I’m not the Hokage anymore” I said. Sarutobi only laughed at the comment. “What are you going to do now?” Sarutobi ask with a smile. “Well, I was planning on going to the Ying-Yang village to see my brother and his son?” I said. Naruto looked up at me with a confused look. “Oh Naruto, way before I was born our clan was whole, but they decided to split apart to increase their number. I heard my brother came back to his village the same time I did. He also has a son as well.” I said. Naruto ask, “What’s his name?” “His name is SuiitivenFurrikka and he is your cousin.” “wow.” Sarutobi ask, “how long do you two plan to be gone?” “We shall return in 5 years so Naruto can reenter the academy. While we are gone, I plan on training Naruto to his full potential.” Sarutobi tossed Naruto a package and a sword. Naruto ask. ‘it’s a present for your 12th birthday and you can’t open it until then.” Naruto only sighed at the last comment and Sarutobi laugh at that. I ask Naruto if he was ready to go and he only shook his head yes. We went back to Naruto’s home so he could get ready to leave. As soon as Naruto was ready he ran out to me and I pick him up and put him on my shoulder. “Are you ready to go?” I ask. “Yes” he responded . Then we made our way out of the village on our way to the Ying-Yang village.