• tab I woke up because some police siren was going off again. Darned officers, always disturbing my peace. But I guess I should expect that here.
    tab I sat up with one arm propped to keep me in place, and with the other hand I rubbed my eyes.
    tab I looked around for my other roomates. It looked like they had already gone out to work. I was getting a late start. I looked down at my pitiful excuse for a bed. A few thin blankets slung over oil drums. My pillow was a bale of hay that Ariel (my roomate) had picked up from a farm one day. Don't ask me why she was there, I don't know.
    tab I walked over to a wooden crate where I kept most of my belongings, and grabbed my hair brush, and lip gloss. Once I was groomed, and glossed, it was time to get to work.
    tab My work days were simple for me, and consisted of one element. All I had to do, for a decent amount of money was hunt. I had been hired by the loan sharks in Tokyo to "take out" or "totally destroy" those who didn't pay off their debts. Or at least make them suffer a little.
    tab But hey, what can I say? The whole wings shooting out from my back thing scared people. Today, I was after a younger gentleman who had bet an awful lot of money in a game of poker. More than he could pay. It was time for his "check up"
    tab I had to look attractive I guess you would say, as to lure him in. Not like anything was going to happen, but I had to get his attention. I didn't own anything glamerous, so my sharks gave me a Visacard loaded with two thousand dollars. The note attached to it contained addresses and information on the subject. But, who could forget the little foot note reading, "Spend Wisely". I planned to.
    tab I started walking out into the alley way, the exit of the slums. It was so cold, I could see my breath. Soon enough I reached a very expensive boutique.

    tab Two Hours Later

    tab I was finally out of there, and hadn't even spent all my money. I had carefully selected a dark purple, silk, cocktail dress, with some black, Prada boots. It was all to be complimented by my long, black drench coat. It suited me fine. Now I had to find out where to find Mr. Charles Eagleson.

    Aha! The front desk's secretary really ought to be more careful about the information she gives away. Let's just say, she gave me way too much information. He was the President and CEO of an alternative energy resource manufacturer. His skyscraper located in the middle of the city.
    tab I stood at the entrance, looking up at the huge building. A man who seemed to have no emotion opened the door for me. I sure fit in there; appearance wise.
    tab Finding the elevator wasn't hard. IT was a huge glass chamber, that carried you up and down, and it was adorned with elegant embelishments like crystal edging and such. I found a place on the car, and shot up the tube.

    tab My stop was the highest floor; number 45. I strutted through the doors and to the front desk.
    tab " I'm here to see Mr. Eagleson, please?"
    tab "One moment please. You may have a seat until he's ready."
    tab Just then, a young, handsome man burst into the room. "That won't be necessary Jeanie. She can come in now."
    tab His features were dark, and he had Nordstram's finest on. I could smell his strong cologne, I could barely breathe. It didn't even smell that great.
    tab We entered his office; and it was very nice. He walked around his desk, taking the big seat; indicating he was the boss.
    tab "Hello Ms.?" he questioned me.
    tab "Magenta" I answered. "Just call me Magenta, thanks."
    tab "Alright, Magenta, what can I do for you?"
    tab "Well Mr. Eagleson, honestly I'm here on behalf of my employer."
    tab "And who might that be?"
    tab "Mr. Harold Wilson." his face froze, an expression of fear. "Is that name familar sir?" he was obviously scared already. Pointing a finger at me, he said,
    tab "Look, I don't know who you think you are, but nobody comes onto my turf and tries to scare me!" He was shouting and shaking.
    tab "Nobody said they were trying to scare you, Mr. Eagleson."
    tab "Yea, well I don't buy that for a minute. Tell Harry I'll get him his money! I just took a little profit first!"
    tab "Oh, so you call ten million dollars a little profit? You owe him 2 million that's all, Charlie. What, did you think you could just forget about him and he would do the same?" I was inching closer towards him, slipping off my coat, getting ready for my wings to sprout.
    tab "What are you tring to do here? Seduce me or something?"
    tab "Please, I'd hardly want to know what that would be like. It's like you said. I'm trying to scare you." and with that, my wings came sharply from my back, lifting me into the air. Their long and lacey tips caressing his cheek.

    tab "If I were you I'd have the money ready by this Friday, at the old pier. Sorry for the interuption Charlie, you can get back to work now."
    I landed onto his carpet, and walked over to the window. unlatching it, I carefully inched my wings through the limited space. When I was out, I took full flight, and moved onto my next assignment.

    tab There, I let a horrified man, alone and desperate. "Not my fault." I thought to myslef. "He's the one who didn't pay."