• Hayden's Point of View:
    When is this gonna be over???
    Damion wouldn't stop fidgeting. But really, what reason would he have to fidget. He should be able to sit without moving, but apparently not. "Would you knock it off", Hayden warned him.
    "Stop moving so much, I mean even normal humans don't move that much. We don't want people thinking you have something wrong with you besides the obvious"
    "What's the obvious"?
    "Are you really that dumb"?
    Her brow furred
    "OHHHH. I get it"
    Hayden scoffed and Sienna giggled in the background
    "Shut up Sienna. We all know you're not the brightest bulb in the box"
    Sienna jabbed her finger in his arm with enough force to break a normal person's bone.
    Sienna grinned widely. "That's what you get" She stuck out her tongue.
    "Well, I'm sorry. Do you still love me"? He tried to pout but looked ridiculous.
    "Of course" She smiled again.
    "Okay good" He leaned in and kissed her forehead. She kissed him back on the lips and stared into his deep burgundy eyes.
    Gross. Absolutely gross.
    Hayden made a disgusted face at the two of them.
    "Ok, ok enough. We are in school. Save it for later when I and half of the school's population is not present"
    Neither Damion or Sienna moved, still staring into each other's eyes, smiling. Hayden got up and pushed in her chair.
    "What's the matter Hayde?", Damion snickered.
    Sienna glared at him.
    "Sorry", he said back almost mockingly, rolling his eyes.
    Hayden was half way across the cafeteria headed to her next class when she started to feel like she was crying.Of course she knows its not possible. She pressed her index finger slightly on the inner corner of her eye, and with no surprise it was dry. No tears, no anything.
    God, I must look pathetic.
    It then donned on her that she was walking way too fast down the hall.
    She slowed her pace and tried her best to compose herself again. Not that she wasn't composed before though. Hayden took a deep breath in and pushed the door to her Social Studies class open.
    The first thing she noticed when she walked in the rather small room, was that it was hot in there. Only half the class was there and in their seats, so it couldn’t have been a result of too much body heat.
    Oh well, she thought I’ll just have to have deal with it It really wasn’t hot in the room though. To her it was because her body temperature was around 52 degrees Farenhieght. Hayden found her seat next to a boy named Michael.