• Sakura's POV.

    I remember the day this entire ordeal happened, the day my entire life was ruined, just by this silly little game I had played with my friends. I had been 5 years old, when I had slept over my friend Ino’s house with her and my other friend Hinata. I was the one who had suggested it, to play Truth or Dare that is.

    “Ok, but let’s make this a little more fun!” Ino had giggled excitedly in anticipation for what she was about to say. “Let’s play it, so that, say if Hinata chose truth, she would have to answer 3 questions truthfully!” Me and Hinata had nodded, excited for this new way of playing the game. Unfortunately, Ino had asked me first.

    “Sakura, Triple Truth or Triple Dare?” Me being the stupid 5 year old I was, had said Triple Dare, since I had loved challenges. I know Ino hadn’t meant to ruin my entire life…But, she didn’t know how embarrassed I would have been if I ended up having to do THEM. Ino had smiled a wicked grin, before opening her mouth.

    “First, I dare you to NEVER look anyone in the eye, and if you do, you have to kiss them! On the lips! It doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or girl!” I nodded, starting to regret saying dare.

    “Second, I dare you to NEVER smile at ANYONE, or else you have to kiss them…with tongues this time!” Both Hinata and I had ‘eww’ed at the thought of having to kiss a gross boy. Even if Ino was only 5 years old, she still had the dirty mind of a perverted old man. At the time I felt like crying at the thought that I could NEVER do ANY of these things ever again, or face the consequences…

    “And, Lastly…” Ino trailed off to think of something worse than the other two, before the same wicked grin came on her face again, “I dare you to NEVER talk to ANYONE, that includes no writing what you’re thinking, and if you do, you have to…”

    Hinata and I had gasped in horror as shock appeared clear across my face. Ino knew I would easily wimp out so she stuck out her pinky. She KNEW pinky swears were the only way for me to keep a deal…

    So, I had linked my pinky with hers, shook them, then leaned back, not looking any one of them in the eyes. And so, my nightmare began.

    Normal POV.

    Sakura had moved a week after that had happened, to a new town called Konoha.

    The minute she had entered her new 3rd grade class, her head bowed down, a sad look in her eyes from leaving her friends, she felt her years here were going to be tough. When the teacher had told her to tell the class her name, she kept her mouth shut, and was sent to sit in the back of the room.

    The guy next to her had tapped her arm with a big smile on his face, and asked for her name, which she just ignored, staring out the school windows, as if to block everyone out.

    She soon came known as a weirdo, and a creep, and once she entered High School, a b***h. Sure, by the time she entered High School she had developed gorgeous looks, but that hadn’t made up for the fact that she didn’t look at or talk to or smile at anyone.

    She was picked on a lot, mean writings scraped into her desk, loser posters on her locker, and an occasional slap from a girl who called her to the roof. This is her story…

    It was a usual Monday morning for Sakura, getting up from bed, taking a shower, and then eating a silent breakfast with her mom.

    Ever since that fateful day where Sakura suddenly stopped talking, her mom had thought she was getting revenge for moving to a totally different place.

    She sighed, staring as her daughter finished eating, washed her plate, and then walked outside to do the half mile walk to school.

    Another day of school…Oh goody…

    With a tired look on her face she grudgingly walked towards school, ready for the usual mean stares she got. However, this time when she entered the school, everyone was busy talking to one another with frightened looks on their faces.

    What’s going on? She thought, passing by a few gossiping girls to get to her locker.

    As she searched for her English Book, she couldn’t help but overhear a few words they said, such as ‘Gang’ and ‘new students’.

    She furrowed her eyebrows in concentration to hear what else they were going to say, but glared when the bell rang signaling she should hurry to class.

    That’s all their worried about? A stupid gang? She rolled her eyes, as she walked through the door, keeping her head down, and sat in the back in her seat.

    Please, there’s already Sasuke’s gang, the most we have to worry about it a gang fight. Even if all these years she kept quiet, Sakura still had her same personality.

    Her English teacher Kurenai walked into class the usual smile on her face as she put her sheets down and faced the class.

    “As you all know” She paused for a second, her eyes scanning over the students faces, as usual, her eyes not even bothering to look at Sakura.

    “We have a few new students attending this school. Lucky for us, we are having four of them join this English class. I’d like you boys to come on in!” She said, gesturing towards the door, as 4 guys walked in, standing in front of the class. “I’d like you all to say your names, and what you like to do for fun!”

    She looked at the tall dark haired man with onyx eyes. “Why don’t you start?”

    “My name is Itachi Uchiha,” Everyone’s mouth fell open at the word ‘Uchiha’, Sakura just looked at him from under her hair with a raised eyebrow.

    Well this is interesting…the b*****d has an older brother? Everyone pretty much thought the same thing; just instead of ‘b*****d’ they replaced it with ‘Sasuke’ or ‘my husband’.

    “I don’t have anything I like to do for fun” He said, completely ignoring the whispers going on around the class.

    The guy standing next to him opened his mouth to speak next. Sakura analyzed him; his looks, posture, and irritated face.

    Hmm… fairly handsome with red hair and light brown eyes…by the way he’s glaring at everyone; it’s easy to tell he’s an a**…

    “My name is Sasori, my hobby is making puppets” He muttered, his glare intensifying as if to dare anyone to laugh.

    He’ll fit right in with Kankuro I’m guessing…

    The guy next to him spoke next, a large toothy grin spreading across his…blue…face…

    Huh…is that paint or something? Either way…he’s pretty…UNIQUE looking…and by his grin…he’ll probably be the fun happy-go-lucky type… Sakura shrugged, she could deal with that.

    “My name is Kisame, and for fun I like to fish, and take care of sea animals!” A couple people giggled at that, but quickly stopped when the Itachi guy glared at them.

    Yup…definitely the fun and happy type… Next, she glanced at the last guy…wait…yeah...yeah he's a guy. He placed a hand on his hip, a smirk playing over his lips as he looked at everyone with suggestive eyes.

    Blond hair, blue eyes, pretty boy… Sakura sighed, already feeling the headache come on.

    Oh great, another Sasuke… She could tell by his posture he was the cocky type, and she absolutely HATED guys like that.

    Guys who always came on to you, and didn’t understand when NO meant NO. She was slightly surprised however when the smirk turned into a full grin.

    “My name is Deidara, and for fun…I like to blow things up, yeah” He wiggled his eyebrows at everyone, causing the room to burst out laughing.

    Ok…he’s the cocky fun type? Joker type? What type is he!?

    Kurenai smiled at them, before writing their names down in her attendance book.

    “Ok, you guys can sit down wherever you like…but I need someone to show you guys around the school first…” She glanced around the classroom; no one raised their hands, too afraid to be left alone with the Sasori and Itachi guys.

    The next thing Sakura knew was someone pushing her chair out from under her, causing her to raise her hand and catch the desk before she fell.

    “Well! This is first! It’s very nice of you to volunteer Sakura!”

    s**t bag mother ******** cow sucker! She just grit her teeth, and walked to the front so they saw her.

    Kurenai waved her way, and introduced Sakura to them, all of them already confused as to why she hadn’t spoken or looked at them for that matter.

    “This is Sakura Haruno, she’s a shy girl, so she doesn’t speak much, but, I hope you guys get along nicely!” Everyone could hear the slight panic in her voice, as they walked out the door to follow her out and down the hallway.

    The entire time she walked ahead of them, she just pointed at things and their signs indicating what they were. The Deidara guy walked next to her, slightly interested at how shy she was. He put on a smirk, and wrapped an arm around her shoulders bring her body close to his.

    “You must be really shy, if you’re not talking to us, sweetie, yeah” He said, addressing her as if an innocent child.

    I seriously want to punch this guy… She thought, as she shrugged out of his arms, and glared at the floor.

    He just skipped up to her again, this time in front of her and bent down so he could look under her hair.

    “How come you’re not saying anything, yeah?” He asked, and fell when she pushed him out of the way.

    The LAST thing she would want to do was have to kiss this guy! He was about to try again, but was stopped by the Itachi person.

    “Deidara, I think you better stop your bothering her” He glanced at her, and then back at him.

    Thank you! She was inwardly grateful the older Uchiha was there. Her thanks quickly disappeared when he walked next to her again.

    “Ah! I get it! You’re just shy of my presence, yeah!”

    Ok, that’s it, I can’t take this… She sent a hard punch into his gut knocking him to the ground, and then kept walking.

    He grabbed his stomach and stood slowly, wincing at how hard she had hit him. All joy left his face, as he stood in front of her this time, lifting her by the collar of her shirt.

    “That was a sucker punch you twerp, yeah!” He narrowed his eyes at her. Sakura just hung there, not affected by his anger, and gently pried his fingers from her shirt, and smoothed the wrinkles out, before continuing her walking. Everyone walked in tense silence when Kisame suddenly burst out laughing.

    Everyone turned to look at him, except Sakura who just stopped in her tracks still facing ahead.

    “I-I can’t believe a g-girl back talked t-to you D-Deidara!” he said, still laughing at the irony of it all. Kisame ran up and placed an arm around Sakura.

    “I like you; you got guts to talk back to Deidara when he’s PMSing” Sakura couldn’t help the small smirk, grateful to know that at least ONE of them had a good sense of humor. Itachi chuckled lightly also, ruffling Sakura’s hair, a pleasant expression on his face.

    Sasori too couldn’t help the smirk that appeared, all of them laughing at how she, a total stranger, had punched Deidara, one of their gang members. Deidara grit his teeth, to think they were his friends!

    “How come the ONE girl I end up NOT liking, ends up being the ONE girl you guys DO like, yeah!?” He shouted pure irritation in his voice. Kisame just laughed harder at that, causing Deidara to twitch.

    “You know what? Itachi, why don’t we let this girl join us?” Sakura quickly shook her head, waving her hands around frantically.

    Nononononononono!! Please No! The only one who paid attention to her shaking head was Deidara who furrowed his eyebrows.

    If she didn’t want to join why didn’t she just say so?

    “I think that would be a good idea Kisame…” Itachi muttered quietly. Deidara edged his way over to her then bent down to whisper in her ear.

    “If you don’t want to join, why don’t you just say so, yeah?” She froze in her tracks.

    He had understood her body language? From the shock of it all, she couldn’t help but snap her head up and look him straight in his blue eyes. Blue met emerald, and emerald met blue, as Itachi kept discussing with Kisame.

    “Ok Sakura, me and Itachi had decided that you can join…Akat…su…ki…” His voice trailed off, as both he and Itachi turned to see the new member kissing a wide-eyed Deidara.