• Chapter 2: Please....No....Not again!!!

    I turn the ignition, once, twice, and- Yes! The engine rumbles softly. I put on my seat belt, little tight as usual. I check the mirrors, making sure I can see everywhere. I take a sip of my coffee and put a touch more lipstick on. I put the car in drive and begin to roll off to school.
    It has been two years today since Orpheus left. I, of course, have not fully gotten over him. None of my friends ever brought him up and tried to not talk to Mitchell. Later that day he did call him, just to tell him that he is leaving...and that is the last anyone has ever heard of him. I tried to call his house to see if I could get his phone number but, they moved I assume also... Every time I think about for more than a few minutes I weep.
    My physical self has changed a lot though, I grew 8 inches and I grew A lot of muscle mass, but not enough to look manly. I am a lot more shapely now and I am not afraid when I dress in front of other girls, I think they became a bit jealous of me. I begun to wear make up, just to get used to it when I become old and actually need to use it. My grades have gotten better also A’s and B’s which my family is thrilled about. Not like the first month Orpheus left.
    The first month he left I was a shell, I had no emotions...I responded to nothing I rarely ate and my grades and social status sunk horribly. It wasn’t till my family was going to send me to a counselor in New York that I finally snapped and had a huge fit crying and screaming. After that my grandma died and we moved into her house in a small town outside Portland Oregon. I now love it here, I was sad that my grandma died but I don’t remember her much. The house is small but there is just so much land that I could roam around it for hours. It is Icy cold and it is always dark which I love!
    I now am in town which is pretty far away. I got a 1996 Camry which I love. I love it so much because I bought it myself! Part time jobs are the best thing ever. I honk at the guy in front of me when the light turns green. I drive around him and honk, I cant be late for school again or I am toast. I drive off north.
    I start thinking what the school was li- Crash, snap, slash is what I hear as I go flying through the air. I hit a telephone pool after flying through the air three times. Blood now gushing through my head, the air bags erupt choking me slightly- so much for protection-. The car now completely upside down, me rose necklace snaps off and falls 3 feet away from me .I look outside to see who hit me, or more like what.
    About twenty feet away from me if a huge alien like creature. It has a gold shade to it and has 6 arms. He looked about 8 feet tall and every inch of his body was pure muscle. His eyes are perfect black ominous spheres and it has 2 mouths, with multiply rows of razor sharp teeth. Each of its hand and feet had razor sharp talons. Where his hair is suppose to be is snake like creatures growing out of his skull. This creature, this THING was staring at me, and its mouth drooling with a think drool. I scream in terror. This things comes sprinting towards me, with a hungry look in his eye.
    The creature now next to me I hear his eerie howl. I continue to scream once more. Death is coming for me. Its talons rip the door and sends it flying and I feel it grasp my seat belt snapping it off. It claws coming closer I feel it has no heat pure ice. I then shut my eyes and wait for it to be over. A cloak of darkness covers me and the claw move away from me swiftly. I open my eyes to see what was happening.
    I see I very tall person wearing black shoes, pants and jacket behind the creature. The creature looks at him in pure terror. It begins to run away from this person. He stops as the person is suddenly in front of the creature. I look in shock, thinking*i-is he teleporting no... there is shoe marks, this guy is running!* my eyes open in shock. The creature swing at this person 4 times missing all of them. The person punches him in the face I hear a cracking. He again punches him in the gut. The creature on the floor now, dieing.
    The man puts his foot on his chest and grabs the small snake thing on its head. He then pulls oddly snapping his neck and ripping off his skull, the creature now completely decapitated. The person pays the odd monsters head on his chest and wraps the creature up in tape he got from his pocket. Once he is finished he walks over to the nearest fire hydrant and kicks it clean off. The creature blood begins to move down to the gutter, along with my necklace.
    “N-N-No! M-My Necklace!!” I managed to scream out. Trying to reach out for it but I must have broken something, when I tried to move pain washed all over my body. The pain subsided I watched my necklace move inch by inch down the drain.
    The man - I assumed by his body type- walked over to my necklace and studied it. He fixed the chain that had snapped and placed it close enough that I could reach it without any pain. I smelled an erotic aroma that made me blush. I studied the man before me, seeing nothing but one red eye, which sent a shiver down my spine. I heard sirens fire trucks, ambulance, and police cars began to come stopping a ll cars which had somehow not seen anything. I looked back at the man and he nodded to me and zipped off.

    I later found out I broke part of my spine but not enough that would cause me any surgery, I was in the hospital for 5 weeks healing. I also had a very minor injures but not much else, I was suppose to be lucky the doctor had said to me. The evil creature was still in my mind which was the worst sort of pain of all.
    I got out of the hospital and had another horrible week with many of test and ton of homework and a project. It kept me busy which I loved. On Friday I finally finished everything, I got in my P.J.’s and was about to go to sleep. Something crept into my mind though. I haven’t checked my e-mail in 6 weeks!! I brought my Laptop I got for Christmas over to my bed.
    I began trashing junk mail and read about 20 email cards saying get well and such. I began to reply back to them when I was one of my buddies was coming on, Orpheus. It didn’t seem to matter tome, Orpheus’s little sister goes on this e-mail for games and such but I never see her on it I only know it is her because she sends me e-mails when she is bored. I said hello to her but something odd began to happen.
    “How is your back?” it wrote, I didn’t tell anyone I broke my back though. I didn’t want to worry anyone. I just assumed that my mom must have done something, maybe send mass e-mail to everyone on the friends list of something?
    “Um, fine... so...how’s Orpheus? I haven’t talked to him since he left..” I wrote. She didn’t respond for several minutes, “Still there?” I wrote to her.
    “Elizabeth, do you still love me?” I read it in shock. What the hell does she mean?
    “Well yea I guess I love you, in a sister to sister way.” I wrote and again it took a whiel for a responce.
    “I am not Orpheus sister, I do ask though do you love me?” it wrote what in gods name...no...it couldn’t be....
    “Orpheus?!” I wrote back eagerly, I tapped my had on the base of the base of the lap top several times while I waited.
    “So, do you still love me?” it wrote, I knew it was Orpheus, my eyes widened with shock and love. Rain began to pound on my window as I watched it.
    “Yes, or course I do! I have never stopped! I do! I Do Love you!!” I wrote as a tear ran down my face. I wiped it away.
    “Then I do ask you, please share the light of the moon with me, I shall await you.” he wrote as he logged off. I pondered what he meant. I heard my cat smokey want to come in. I went down stairs and opened the back door. Smokey stretched out waiting for someone to open the door. He stretched his legs as he walked in. I began to shut the door when I saw a red glow coming from the yard. These glow were eyes.
    It was the same eyes of the man who saved me from the creature. All I could see was a black shadow and his eyes. I took a step outside onto the porch. He also took a step closer to me and the light. I could now see he had short blond hair.
    “So, Elizabeth you have decided to share the moonlight with me...” he said. I knew at once it was Orpheus, I ran out to him not carrying about the rain and ran into his arms... I began to sob, no knowing if the water rushing down my face was the rain or my tears. I hugged him tighter, Orpheus has changed so much, he was so tall, he had muscles and his eyes, had changed the the same blood red color as my necklace. All he was wearing were some dark jeans and an open shirt, no shoes or socks.
    Yet I didn’t care at all, all I cared was that I had him again. I wanted to stay in this very moment for the rest of my life, not move ever. I now had the same erotic scent I have inhaled a few times before in my lungs. My face became hot and I blushed. He began to back away from me, slowly and said something I would never forget:
    “Elizabeth I have changed more than you know.” he said softly as his lips moved away to show a pair of 4 inch fangs. Fear struck me, my beloved has become a monster. But it struck me I....I.... I didn’t not care if my boyfriend was human or vampire. As long as he was mine was all that mattered to me.