• Last night i woke up to the sound of my alarm . it was 11:56 . That gave me enough time to climb onto the roof from my bedroom balcony. As i sat out there waiting , it started to snow . It was beautiful . Tiny snowflakes danced in the chilly night air . My red sweater was warm and protected me from the cold winter air .

    Hearing footsteps , I turned my head in attention of what was coming down the road . There he was , running toward my house . It was probably 12 by now , so i climbed down the wall , not wasting a second . I jumped into his arms , and he returned a warm hug . I smiled , let go of him and waved him over to a swing under neath the moonlight and the twinkly stars . He dropped his bag onto the snow , without a care in the world .

    We talked about things . You know , normal things . Great things . Boring things . He picked up his bag , and pulled out some hot chocolate in a thermos . I sipped some . It burnt the end of my tongue , but sweetened my mouth . I swear this was a great night so far . I hadn't seen him in the longest . He had moved to a different neighborhood . The only way we kept in touch was by email , and the phone . Not a very healthy relationship . I agree . He suddenly leaned forward , about to hug me aga -

    BEEP ! BEEP ! BEEP !

    What was that beeping sound ? Suddenly , he faded . The moonlight evaporated , the stars gone .

    I woke up to find myself on the floor of my bedroom , blankets sprawled between my legs . The doors to the balcony were wide open , letting in the bits of snow that ventured out with the winter breeze . I grunted , then pulled myself up . The alarm read 12:42 . Slipping quietly to the door , i looked out onto the roads . Snow covered every nook and cranny as if it was a blanket . I gasped , awed . After standing out in the cold , i backed away , and closed the doors . I climbed back onto my bed , and fell back .

    Maybe one day that will happen . Hopefully ... But right now , it just seemed like a Midnight Winter Dream .