• hhh, be quiet, tread softly. Be wary of dry leaves and thin sticks. Do not scream, do not holler; lest the madness over take. This madness, so unnatural, is nature itself; beware the springtime madness.
    On the trial of no leaf mountain, go. Do not follow the birds happy song or the buttercups lustful sent. Continue going till you reach the meadow, it possesses one tree in the middle. The gentile dogwood, small blossoms cover its slender bows and the ground below are blanketed in tall thick moss. The insects hum soothingly as they go from flower to flower.
    The irresistible temptation makes you step off the path. Once you pick a flower and smell it, madness controls your very being. Day becomes night, the sun bursts into millions of stars in the night sky. Dream-like animals emerge from the ground and gypsies come dancing from the woods around you. Snakes come from their winter slumber to rattle their scales with the joyful that comes from the trees as the evening birds sing.
    The maddened party migrates through the trees , deeper into the Cursed Mountains. Something unknown inside makes you follow. They move too swiftly to dance with as they move. You must sprint. The party continues into the night. You travel far on mysterious paths.
    In the morn’, you are sore. You’re tired, you have a small headache perhaps, even, a limb is missing, or is replaced by a branch or animal limb. The curse to others, but blessing to thee, is the happiness……..eternally.
    So do not be a fool. Do not take the chance or the chance will take you. Be wherry of the Springtime Madness.