• Once upon of time in the land of Hyrule evil spread a bout the world. Its name was Ganondorf and it was destroying the kingdom of Hyrule with his hideous monsters and unstable magic. But has luck could have it a boy with a green tunic and the blade to destroys evil vanes. The master sword was called this legendary sword. He destroy the monsters and locked Ganondorf in the sacred realm. The boy left Hyrule and dissapear on a new quest. We hylians tell this story for the thanks we gave this boy. But this boy did not become the hero he is today. He had a little help from somebody. This is the story of that person who helped him. His name was... Yusu.

    Yusu:*Thinks to himself cuz hes in school* Damn school is boring has always I wish something exciting or worth while could happen.
    Teacher: YUSU!!!!! Stop daydreaming and tell me the answer to number..... *Bell rings*
    Teacher: Thats weird. Its to early. Why did the bell rang? Unless... Ok Everybody today we get of school early see ya tomorrow.
    Random Classmates: Why did the bell rang so early? Dont know. The teacher acted weird to.
    Yusu: *yawn* Atleast I can go home and get something good to eat. *Gets grab by somebody*
    Jen: Hey Yusu. Where are you going?
    Yusu: Oh hey Jen. Well where you think im going? Home. Duh.
    Jen: *giggles* Wanna walk me home?.
    Yusu: Sure like I got nothing better to do.
    Jen: *Pouts* You know Yusu your life could be better if you act nice.
    Yusu: Ya. But nice is to weird for me.
    Jen: Ya youve been acting like all the time. Even before I meet you.
    Yusu: Ya. How long has it been? Were 15 now so... like... 10 years huh?
    Jen: Yup *smiles* Were here. Thanks for walking me home Yusu ill see you tomorrow *Kisses you in the cheek*
    Yusu: *Blushes* Ya see.. you... tomor-row.*Think to himself* How long has it been that ive had that crush with Jen? hmmmm... I still love so that much huh? Well im going to the Temple of Time. Thats usually were I go to eat and pray my sins away. Its so weird ive seen guards all over Hyrule Town. What in the world is happening. Maybe Princess Zelda is coming to town. I dunno but shes just a regular girl with royalty in her blood. Whats the difference between her and us. Anyway the door to the temple of time has been locked for years. What could be behind the door? That sword everybody is talking about?. Na it couldnt be if a sword would be back there it would rust. Anyway im here.huh? The door is opened? *enters* HUH?! What?.... the door to the temple of time is.... OPEN!!!!.*Walks toward the entrance to the temple of time and sees a kid on the floor* HEY KID!!!!! Are you okay?*Runs toward him and touches his neck* He stills has pulse hes gonna be alright. But did he opened the door by himself? Wait a sec.... This kid is wearing a green tunic..... ive seen these somewhere.
    Teacher: Theres a forest to the south. Its called kokiri forest. Thats where the race of Kokiris live. There playfull little fellows and they always stay young. They wear green tunics and are always accompanied by fairies
    Random Classmates: Ahhhhh thats so cool I wish I could stay young forever.
    Yusu: Na that cant be real. Little kids that live alone with no parents and stay young forever.
    Flashback over:
    Yusu: Na it cant be he doesnt have a fariy.
    Voice: Help... me
    Yusu: Huh? Theres a voice coming from under the boy? *Moves the boy*
    Fairy: aahhhh Thanks
    Yusu: eeeehhh. A... a... FAIRY!!!!!!
    To be continued.