• :tab:[align=center][/align]one night a kid named logan was walking home from school one day then he discovered a cave on his path. he thought cool lets check it out then he thought were did that cave come from the last 2 years i walked this path i never seen this cave so he checked it out any ways. when he entered the cave he found a drawing on the wall so he checked it out it looked like a portal to a nother world. the picture also showed at the other world a UFO and a and two people in a blown up area. logan was scared he cept on asking himself, ''is that the future? is it the past? or is it just a randome drawing? '' logan hoped it was a randome drawing. and he took a picture of it with his cell phone. he went further down the cave there was a warning ingraved into a devil skull. It said, '' do not pass or else " in 5 diffrent laguages that didnt include english or any mordan day languages. it seemed like hylogriphics or something. so he took a picture of it like he did before. he thought the hell with it, and moved on. the cave went on and on and on until he reached the portal that he saw on the wall. so he took a picture of the portal. he was so scared he was about to run to his house then he saw 5 cool looking books so cool looking he stole them then ran to his house, with the books. when he saw the mouth of the cave it started to dissapear slowly he ran faster and faster and faster until he ran his full limit and dove out the dissapearing cave it hurt him a little but he didnt mind. the cell phone was fine and the books were fine so he was fine. he walked back home limping in pain. he went to his room and got out his laptop he tryed to find out what the books said he couldnt find any thing on what he had. so he thought he should probly give it to the goverment. then he thought wait the goverment isnt gona give me information so he thought they should pay him a lot of money for it. so he bought some ticketts to see the predisent it cost him most of his saveings but he thought i will charge a lot of money for the books and pictures. so he asked his dad to bring him to the national capital ( the white house ). his dad said sure did u pay for ticketts logan said of course would i be asking without a tickett his dad said whell...no. but no more attatude. logan said fine. you win. after twenty minutes of driveing in a boring ford f150 they finaly reached the capital and the tour just started he grabed the books out of the car and ran to the tour line and gave the tour guild the tickett. he actullay learned a couple of thigs about history finnaly at the end of the tour the president had a speach for the people that payed for the tour ( tourist ) including logan. at the end of that boring speach logan asked the gaurd if he could see the president. the gaurd asked him if he had an appointment. logan said well...no. the gaurd walked away logan ran to him and showed him the books and said, " i need to give these to the president." the gaurd checked me and the books for wepons or hazordis items. logan had none so the gaurd thought what ever he is 14 he can see the president. he walked logan down to the oval office. logan talked to the president about his experance and gave him the cell phone and the books. the president used his computer and decoded some of the words on the wall and said, oh...no... why today...why... why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. then the gaurd came in al of a sudden, boom a alian bomb went off killed everyone but logan and the president, in fact they wernt even touched not a scrch on them then they saw a UFO come down then they ran the UFO came infront of them.

    to be continued