• Sam studied the eyes that first caught her attention, and what she saw made her tremble. She cuddled even closer to him and leaned up to kiss him, but again it was he who drew back,
    “Different in what way?” he asked, Sam was feeling confused and tense so she simply replied,
    “Like most boys are silly but you make me feel different, loved, warm, happy and stuff. Most people say that’s lust but I don’t think it is, do you?” this time he didn’t pull away and he let her kiss him. Sam knew there and then that she had found ‘the one’.
    10 years later…
    “Has Tim settled now?” Sam asked her husband,
    “Yep and if I remember rightly, it was this day 5 years ago, I asked you to marry me and 10 years ago that we started dating…”
    “Correct,” Sam replied, “and I don’t regret one day of it…”