• Enter....Bensen High!!
    Day One: Good Morning Class pt2~

    As Haturo and Yusa entered the main enterance of Bensen High, Haturo was overcome with how many people where bussling about before her. "Where's your first class at?" Yusa asked. Haturo was so awe struck she didnt respond. With a long sigh Yusa got next to Haturo's ear and said very slowly "Wheeerrreee iiisss yyyooouurrr fffiiirrsst cccclllaaassss?" Haturo snapped out of her trance and said "Oh, Uh it's in A3" "OK then, you go up those stairs down the A halway and it will be the third door on your right...OK?" Haturo gulped,"T-thanks" Yusa lughed a little, "Don't worry, they dont bite." "...hard" a strange voice said from the shadows. "Go crawl back in your Hell hole Aamaya," Yusa said to the stranger. Aamaya chuckled "You can't fill that little wimp's head with things that aren't true all you want Yusa, but you know you can't hide the truth forever." ~What is she talking about?~ Haturo's mind hollared. "Ha Ha very funny Lucifer, but I think Haturo is above your primitive level of thinking to believe you." Yusa defended. "I doubt the wimps got 3 brain cells, cause thats the only type of people who would listen to your stupid a**!" Aamaya insulted. "Oh, you want a peice of me, Clown Face?" "No, sweety I want the whole thing!" Aamaya shouted rushing up to Yusa. Haturo gathered up all of her bravery and landed a good punch on Amaya's face. ~Holy crap, she really hit her.~ Yusa said to herself asontished. As a trickle of blood fell down Aamaya's lip, Haturo ran as fast as she could up to her classroom, almost no one was in the hallway at this point. "Heh, looks like the 'little wimp' isn't so wimpy now." Yusa said crossing her arms with a smile. Aamaya wiped away her blood and said "I can't remember the last time some one hit me like that...I like her." Yusa giggled "Me too!" When Haturo finally reached her first class, she was just in time. As soon as she sat down the bell rang, and that's when she saw......him!

    To Be Continued...