• The snow shuffled and shifted as something moved from underneath autumn colored fur prickled through the snow and then the snow was shaken from the wolf’s thick pelt. With a yawn the large male turned towards the other swollen hills of snow, each bulged and shrank as the wolves beneath breathed. As he approached one of the hills it was no surprise to see the wolf beneath was still sleeping. Kyu pushed his snout against the snow and the other wolf shuddered and lifted its head shaking the snow from her pelt, not like it made a difference the elderly female was a pure snow white except the deep yellow orbs placed into her eye sockets. The female yawned and stretched her muscles rippled as her skinny frame stretched out, after her stretch Roslyn turned towards Kyu her voice cracked with age as she spoke “Good Morning Kyu” she said briskly.

    Kyu nodded his head and smiled slightly “Good morning Roslyn” he replied gently and turned to another one of the mounds his paws thudded against the snow without much care of how much noise he made. Once he reached the hill he extended a paw and lightly tapped the pile of snow this time the reply was a grunt nothing more. Kyu growled quietly and nudged the snow once more this time another wolf emerged the wolf was larger and older then Kyu his fur a darker brown. The larger wolf’s dark blue eyes blinked several times then the wolf stood up and shook the snow from his pelt “Morning Zeke” Kyu said cheerfully. Zeke didn’t reply he simply yawned and stretched for several moments he was silent licking his parched lips then he turned and looked over at Kyu “Yes wake the others please I’ll go see what I can find in the forest” Zeke sighed and trotted out of the clearing in the woods and headed into the deeper darker areas.

    Kyu nodded slightly he turned to the mound just beside Zeke’s “Breeze” he said gently and nudged the hill, the second his paw touched the snow the wolf beneath was stirred bright green eyes blinked and the snow flew into the air as Breeze jumped to her feet her grey frame stood out from the snow unlike Roslyn’s snowy pelt.

    Breeze turned and looked at Kyu with a smile she glanced over to the last mound “Good luck” she said playfully and turned and ran after Roslyn who had left to find water, Breeze’s small paws skidding against the snow every now and then.

    Kyu’s head turned to the last mound of snow it was segregated from the other mounds not because the wolf beneath the snow was forced away but because she chose to be away from the others. As Kyu approached the hill of snow his paws padded gently against the surface of the hard ice like snow. When he reached the mound there was almost a little hesitation but it went away after a few seconds of waiting to be clawed at.

    “Yua…?” Kyu called quietly his ears perked as he waited for a reply.

    “What?” The reply was sour and the she-wolf didn’t seem too pleased to disturbed

    “Oh you’re awake” Kyu said thoughtfully and approached the mound a little more he peered over the mound to see a black head poked out of the mound it almost looked beheaded but there was an opening just around the neck of the she-wolf.

    Yua glanced up at Kyu “Yes I’m awake” she snapped and shook the snow form her pelt “Where s everyone?” she asked glancing around.

    Kyu smiled slightly “Zeke went hunting Roslyn and Breeze went in search of water I think” he replied calmly not to bothered by Yua’s aggressive response.

    Nodding her head Yua turned towards a tree approaching it with silent step she sat down in the snow and glanced up at the sky then the ground, normal behavior for the she-wolf she was only months older then Kyu but she acted as though she was much older.

    Kyu approached Yua quietly his ears perked as he waited for a warning growl as she usually gave him when he got to close “You’re always alone why?” he asked curiously his head tilted to one side almost puppy like.

    Yua’s black shoulders shrugged “I am a loner an I will always be that way the pack is just for safety I do my part I hunt and I find water no one every said I had to make friends” she said with a small grin plastered to her face.

    Kyu nodded slightly “I suppose you’re right but don’t you ever get lonesome?” he couldn’t help but be curious most wolves liked to be social even Roslyn who would rather keep to herself seemed like being around Breeze who was a rather quiet she-wolf.

    Yua bared her fangs “Enough questions!” she snarled, spinning around the turned and trotted into the forest leaving Kyu alone in the clearing.

    Kyu blinked his stormy eyes at first he was a bit confused then he decided to go help Zeke if he could find him. So he turned towards where Zeke had disappeared and trotted into the forest his paws barely touching the ground as he weaved through trees and over frozen roots. He followed Zeke’s scent through weaving trees and just about every other obstacle making sure not to loose the berry like smell. After a few minutes of walking Kyu was sure he wouldn’t find Zeke but something seemed to move in the bushes just in front of him yet it didn’t smell like Zeke so he crouched down baring his fangs.

    The bushes parted and Yua appeared before him in her mouth hung a rabbit its neck snapped to the side and blood gushed from the wounds.

    Kyu stumbled back “Y-Yua? What are you doing…how couldn’t I smell you coming?” he stammered.

    Yua glanced up her right ear twitched the left one only being half of an ear was still as stone “The wind was blowing that way” she mumbled and her tail twitched towards the west.

    Kyu blinked and glanced over to the west “That’s odd the wind was blowing this way” he said moving his head forward.

    Yua’s shoulders rolled in a shrug “Well I’m taking this back to Roslyn and Breeze after Breeze needs the food” she said calmly and trotted passed Kyu.

    Kyu turned and trotted after Yua “What do you mean by that?” he asked his stormy gaze focused intently on Yua.

    Yua grinned flashing her white fangs that have killed many “Breeze is having her pups I’m not too surprised Zeke didn’t tell you” she sighed dramatically.

    Kyu shook his head “What is that supposed to mean!?” he demanded his fur bristled irritably.

    Yua chuckled and shook her head “I was kidding, but Breeze is having her pups” continuing to trot until she returned to the clearing where Roslyn and Breeze lay side by side in the glistening snow.

    Kyu stopped beside Yua his ears twitched anxiously as he approached Breeze the small she wolf looked up and smiled broadly now that Yua told him Kyu did notice Breeze’s stomach beginning to bulge.

    Yua approached slowly her paws hitting the snow without much care she dropped the rabbit in front of Breeze and Roslyn with a simple grunt.

    Roslyn’s white head lifted “Thank you Yua” she said coolly her piercing yellow eyes watched Yua carefully for some reason Yua seemed to spell a bad omen. With a grunt Yua turned and trotted away her tail dragging lifelessly in the snow behind her she couldn’t care less about the ‘thank you’s she usually received she was just doing her job.

    Kyu smiled at Breeze “So you’re having pups” he said joyfully and lay down beside the stone looking wolf.

    Breeze glanced over at him and smiled “Yes I just hope they come in the spring Roslyn says pups born in the winter don’t live as often as those born in the summer” she mumbled.

    Kyu glared over at Roslyn “No need to fill her head with dark thoughts now is there?” he asked with a sly smile.

    The old female shook her head “It’s the truth I was born in the winter but it was in Antarctica so I’ve adapted to the cold” she said with a hint of cockiness, neither Kyu or Breeze were annoyed with Roslyn’s bragging she had the right to brag though and she didn’t talk to much so it was nice to hear her speak or brag whichever she was in the mood for.

    Breeze smiled and looked over to the bush where Zeke had disappeared “Do you think he should be back yet?” she asked anxiously.

    Kyu shrugged “Maybe” he said calmly “But the deer could be a bit farther today so we should give him time” he glanced over at Yua who lay under a tree her dully grey eyes flickered with an almost wary look.

    Roslyn nodded “Yes Breeze be patient with him he’s slow” she mumbled turning her attention to the rabbit before them “You should eat” she grunted.

    Breeze nodded gratefully and gripped the rabbit with her teeth and began chewing through the juicy skin. When Breeze finished her meal she glanced over at the bushes “He’s not back yet” she sighed.

    Roslyn nodded slowly and pushed herself from the ground shaking her matted pelt. “Yes we should go look for him” she admitted.

    The autumn colored wolf nodded and stood beside Roslyn, Kyu knew Zeke was slow but it shouldn’t take this long to hunt at least not for deer.

    The group headed out of the camp Yua had joined them just before leaving they didn’t notice her there until she had snapped a twig under her paw, at first Kyu and turned and snarled until he realized it was Yua nothing more.

    Chapter 2 Missing

    The day began to sink like water and the wolves had not found Zeke each on walked in pure silence not wanting to be discovered by any other animals none the less give Zeke the impression they themselves were enemy wolves.

    Yua trailed behind the others her grey eyes staring blankly ahead she had a feeling she knew what had happened to Zeke but if she told Breeze she was sure to deny it and continue looking. Lifting her mangy black head Yua watched the now streaked red clouds in the sky.

    For some time it was silent until Kyu broke the silence “Do you get the feeling Zeke has left the territory?” he asked awkwardly.

    Breeze shook her head “No Zeke isn’t like that!” she snapped the alpha had become cranky and moody after the journey had gone on for about an hour or two.

    Yua shook her head “It might not be like him but it’s just like inexperienced males to leave their females when pressure builds” she said quietly her voice not very gentle more forceful.

    Breeze shook her head “No he’s still here” she snarled and began running still following the stale scent of her beloved mate. The grey wolf streaked through the forest her muscles rippling with agitation.

    Roslyn hadn’t taken part in the argument she didn’t enjoy conflict but now she decided to put her word in “Zeke would not abandon his mate he is loyal just like the rest of us” she growled looking over at Yua her yellow moon like eyes digging into Yua but the younger she-wolf met her stare eyes just as equally powerful.

    Now the pack all began charging forward still going after Breeze it was hard to keep up with the timber wolf the forest in Alaska was awfully dense. Each wolf became more and more tired even Breeze who had been the most desperate to find her mate.

    In the end, Breeze stopped running near Hurricane Gorge this was the end of their territory and it was unlikely Zeke would have tried to get across this land after all the fall was great and the churning water below would kill him before he came within forty feet of it. “We will rest here for tonight…” she finally sighed and trotted over to one of the millions of tree nestling down in the snow her eyes gave off an almost depressed stare.

    Kyu glanced over at Breeze he felt pity for the young wolf but Roslyn was already beside her giving her affectionate licks and speaking to her. So he turned his attention to Yua having nothing better to do, he wondered if he should speak with her or just leave the isolated female be.

    The midnight black female was pacing back and forth along the edge of the cliffs her eyes stared down at the churning water as if she expected to see something. The fur along her shoulders bristled as if she were preparing to fight but there were no enemies. Yua’s eyes turned to Kyu her ear flattened against her head “What?” she snarled baring her teeth furiously.

    Kyu sighed and trotted over to Yua not to bothered by her aggressive behavior “What are you looking at?” he asked looking over the cliffs his eyes widened at what he saw on one of the cliffs sprawled out along the edge of one of many ridges was what looked like an entire family of wolves. Kyu was utterly speechless finally the shock wore away “How is that possible…?” he asked shakily.

    Yua shrugged “I suppose one went down and then when the others came to investigate the cliff gave in and well you know the rest” she grunted “Stupid simply stupid” she snarled in disgust turning she left Kyu at the edge of the cliff.
    Kyu stared down at the wolves he couldn’t help but feel sorry for them; it must be horrible to fall to your death without even knowing what’s happening. He thought turning towards Breeze and Roslyn they both lay side by side asleep in the snow the trees’ shadow shining from Roslyn’s pelt like the moon shining upon the snow.

    For a time Kyu felt all alone, Roslyn and Breeze were always together along with Zeke and he and Yua never seemed to be around the others, it was odd to think he was at all like Yua. He had nothing against her but she was just odd in her own way he wasn’t sure what the feeling in the back of his head was yet but he would figure it out one day, for now he would sleep. His paws hit the ground gently as he approached on of the trees and lie down underneath it, getting comfortable in the snow. After a few moments sleep over came him and he dozed into an uneasy sleep.

    Morning was quiet and the trees swayed with the light breeze that wafted over them like grass in a meadow. Kyu’s eyes opened groggily at first he thought he was in a totally different place then the howl and groan of the hurricane like gulch told him he was still where he had fallen asleep last night. But something seemed different lifting his head and looked around the area where the wolves were sleeping, one, two, and three…he knew the count was right but what confused him was that the wolf where Yua had been was not her at all but entirely different wolf all together at first Kyu didn’t recognize the wolf until a happy yelp came from nearby and he saw Breeze running towards the wolf that was hidden under a tree.

    Breeze reached this wolf in several moments her tail wagging furiously at the sight of her beloved mate, Zeke had returned oddly enough he wasn’t harmed and he looked just as he did before he left. “Where did you go?” Breeze demanded her tail stopped wagging after she greeted her loved one and now she was furious.

    Zeke flinched at the sound of Breeze’s voice but he answered casually “I patrolled the border and looked for food but found none” he admitted but it seemed like he was leaving something out of his agenda for the day before. Zeke’s tail wagged although Kyu could see some sort of secrecy hidden behind it.


    As day rolled on, Yua did not return, but no one seemed to mind the hunter’s absence Zeke seemed pleased to not have her around which made Kyu’s fur bristle a little.

    Kyu trotted along the gorge looking down at the wolves below making sure no new bodies were added to the collection, no all was the same. His tail brushed against the snow irritably “Where could she be?” he asked himself he didn’t know why he was so concerned but he couldn’t help it Yua was part of the pack; no pack member shouldn’t be searched for. Kyu finally just lay down by the gorge allowing his autumn colored paws to dangle off the side of the cliff.

    (To be continued)