This book is stupid, Realizing Your Inner-Self, I found it on my mom's dresser. She must really be lonely, she should probably find a boyfriend. My dad has a girlfriend...fourth one since the divorce(which was less than a year ago) I slam the book down on my desk and walk over to the window. Jack is outside raking the burning orange and burgundy red leaves. He's been my neighbor since like, forever.(more specifically, since I was six...and were both the same age. We're both 20 now. We'll be going back to college soon. ) He's pretty cute-firm chest, big arms, brown hair, and best of all...his eyes. The look blue from far away, but when you see them close up, you can see their true colors. They're mainly blue, but they have green and brown specks. Anyway, where was I? Oh, right...since I have nothing better to do, I'll take a walk over to his house. My mom is out anyway. I run out forgetting my coat. Who knew the Fall time could be THIS cold?
    "Hey, Jack." I look down and stuff my hands in my jean pockets. "What's up?" He stops raking and looks up at me to lean in that cool way on his rake.
    "Nuthin' much, just chores."
    "Oh, okay." I stare at his eyes as soon as he looks down. They're beautiful. I can only wish I had eyes like those. Maybe we'll be lucky to have children with eyes like that...oops, now I'm getting ahead of myself. As I am staring at his eyes, he looks at me. I feel a black hole in my stomach and stare down. OMG, I think he caught me staring at him! What will he say now?
    "What, couldn't help but staring at...THE JAKE-STER?" I look up at him and laugh. (What else could I do?)
    "Oh, shutup!" I say as I nudge him. Then he nudges me back (without meaning to do it hard) I loose my balance and as I fall over, Jack tries to grab my arm, which only resulted in him falling down next to me in the pile of leaves. We can't help but laughing out of control.
    "Haa, there are leaves in your hair! Let me just... umm" He starts to stare at me more intensly...our laughing slows down. I think the moment is right, so I move my face a bit closer to his face-leaning in to kiss him, but I don't. (Too scared!) Just then, he brushes my hair off...and kisses me. Whoa! It wasn't just any kiss though, it was a long one. As our lips were pulling away, we couldn't help but going in for another one. He wraps his arms around me, and suddenly, I'm not cold anymore. We roll over and I wind up on top of him. I try to keep my eyes open to admire his face, but I can't. (When your with a hottie, you can stare at him, or close your eyes and kiss him. It's just not possible to do both.) I hear a car drive down the road and I open my eyes for a second. UGH! It's mom! I stop kissing him to stand up. I brush the leaves off of myself and leave without saying a word. Meanwhile he is still lying in the pile of leaves. I walk hope silently. Literallybegging myself not to look. For if I did, there would be no stopping the magnetic force that pulled me in towards him.
    When I walk in through the door, my mom is unpacking the groceries. She looks at me startled. Oh, no! Did she notice me with Jack, tumbling around on the dew-saturated grass, no space between us, my face nestled gently in his hands, the warmth that radiated so strongly from our bodies, that I started to think it could have been visible to others. The thought that she had seen the two of us together sent a shiver through my body.
    "Oh, I had a feeling you weren't here since it was so quiet. But I thought maybe you just dozed off or something. I wasn't going to disturb you. But just out of curiosity, where were you?"
    "I was right outside the house mom, I was sitting on the hammock." I looked down because I knew if I looked her in the eyes, she would see through my lie...and no matter what, I felt I couldn't let that happen.