• Chapter 7: Dream or Vision?

    We went to London and we bought a small apartment in the streets of London. I changed into the new dress I brought with us and I gave Ms.Minager her's. When she got the bathroom ready for me, I stepped into the bath and just started crying , but then i thought of what my father told me when I was little:
    "Don't cry. It shows that you're weak! You may only cry when it is called for. Understand?" "Yes father" I said and then he would pat my head.

    This time though I didn't listen to father, I cried and thought "What happened to father and mother? What about my two younger sisters, Aggie and Sophie? And my Brothers, Carl, Mark,Tim and Charlie and their wifes?Are they dead or did they escape?"
    Then I heard a knock at the door, "Miss are you ready? You're going to get a cold." Ms. Minager said. "Yes I'am and then you need to take one okay?"
    "Yes Miss."
    I got out and changed and saw Ms.Minager holding something.
    "What's that?" I asked her.
    "OH well, I thought you should wear this. It was in your father's save and I guess you took it." She handed me a necklace and said "He wanted you to have it once you got married, it's a family heirloom."
    "It's beautiful!" It was gold with a flower imprinted on it. "Didn't grandmother have this before?"
    "Yes, she did. Now if you excuse me, I think i'll go take my bath. Stay in the apartment okay?"And then she went inside the bathroom.

    One week later

    I looked outside the window and saw that it was like any other London day. Gloomy and cold. We just bought me some dresses and gloves and a jacket. Apparently I took at least 10 million, it was all that was in the save.

    Anyways we decided to go to the new museum, that opened down the street.
    When we got inside it wasn't packed that it should be, it was actually slow.
    I could see why, the art work was so different then the others, they looked so.......sexual. And then I saw him, a young man staring at me smiling, he was following my every move and I blushed. He nodded towards me and then I pointed towards another room, behind my fan.
    "Excuse me Ms.Minager, I need to use the loo."
    "Okay child, but don't take to long."
    "Just going to fix my make-up. Excuse me"
    And then went off towards the other room.

    "Well hello" the young boy said, he looked like he was around my age.
    I smiled and said "How do you do?" And curtised.
    He bowed and said "Well I was just noticing how stunning you looked. My name is Michael Chasen. And you?
    "I'm Christnia."
    "Well Christnia, with no last name,what are you doing at this museum?"
    "Well Michael Chasen, i'm doing what everyone does when the go to a museum. Looking at art."I giggled.
    He smiled and out of the corner of my eye I saw Ms.Minager looking for me.
    Michael took a step closer towards me and I saw that he had a piece of paper in his hand.
    "Here, take this , you'll need it. Come when you start to feel........different. Okay?"
    Before I got to answer he was gone. I went over to Ms.Minager and told her it was time to leave.

    Two days later

    "Miss.Miss are you alright?" I looked up and saw that Ms.Minager looked scared.
    "Yes i'm fine. Why do you ask?"
    "Your eyes went..........red!"
    "Red? Thats strange. That's never happened to me before." And then his voice ringed in my head "Come when you start to feel different."
    "Ms.Minager hand me my purse please."
    "Yes ma'ma"
    I rumaged through it and found the little card. "We need to go here. Pack everything up."

    Michael's estate
    "Welcome. I new you would be here soon." Michael was at the door and was smiling.
    "Hello again." I said, a little to happy.
    "Please come in."

    When we were inside he brought me into his study and told Ms.Minager she should rest in one of the rooms upstairs.
    "So why did you tell me to come if something happened?"I asked.
    "Because i know what you're going through. I went through the same thing. Let me ask you what happen?"
    "Ms.MInager said my eye's were turning red. What do you mean 'same thing.'"
    "Have you been hungry for," he paused to think about it "never mind. What were you thinking about when your eye's turned red?"
    "I was thinking about......I mean i can't tell you."
    "Why not, don't trust me?"
    "How can I? I barely know you. My father," I went quiet "My father. My family! THE BLOOD!" I was crying and I thought about what happened.
    Michael was sitting down now and was sweating.
    "What's wrong? Are you okay?" I said through whimpers.
    "Yes. Excuse me for a second."
    He left the room.

    Back to the present

    MY BREATHING WAS HEAVY AS I OPENED MY EYES. The first thing I saw when I opened my eye's were Michael. I looked down and saw that I was drenched in sweat.
    "CHRISTNIA. OH MY GOD CHRISTNIA!" Michael came at my so suddenly that I lost my breathe.
    "Oh, sorry." He let go and then my head was pounding so hard and then all these visions from the past popped inside my head.
    I was drinking something. It was cool and tasted so good down my throat.
    "Michael.....where are you?"
    "Im right here sweety. What do you want?"
    "Take me to the bath."
    He was blushing"Okay hold on"