Wow, that kiss was great! I can't believe it actually happened. I bet he'll be over any second asking me to be his girlfriend. He doesn't have one yet. He needs one though, since his parents died. His father died of cancer a while ago. Shortly after, his mother died in a car accident. Then he moved here with his aunt when he was only three years old. When his aunt wanted to move in with her boyfriend, he wanted to stay here, with all his friends in high school. Now he is in college, as am I. We will both be heading back to college after Thanksgiving break. We go to different colleges though. After I help my mom unpack the grocceries, I run upstairs to look out the window. I wonder if he is still raking. I move the blinds out of way. WAIT, WHO IS SHE?! I watch the girl with the curly, scarlet hair and atleast a million freckles enjoy the presence of Jack. Her purple eye shadow brought out her bright green eyes. Jack slowly pulled the vaguely familiar girl into his. He brings his hands up from her sotmach. When he reaches her breasts, he traces shapes on them with his finger. I see the girl giggle a bit. I start to remember her. I used to know her in high school. Her name starts with a "C" I think. Cara-something I think. Caroline? Oh, it's Karen! She was just dating the mailman's son. That cheater! GRRR! IDIOT! JERK! CHEATER, CHEATER, CHEATER! I can't believe her. And more, I can't believe Jack! I THOUGHT we had some kind of chemistry! I THOUGHT we had a connection! I THOUGHT what happened with us wasn't just an accident, it was fate. Well, I guess I thought wrong. I see Karen(?) whisper something to Jack and act sexy as she kisses him. I can't watch anymore. I turn away and plop myself down on my bed. I bury my face in my hands and cry. I can hear a muffled voice from somewhere.
    "ina...eh...dee...am" I lift my head up to concentrate on the noise better.
    "dinaz...reh...dee...am...inta" I feel my face and it's slimy.
    "DINNER'S READY SAMANTHA!" As I walk downstairs, the phone rings. It's Jack. I can tell by the caller ID. I don't want to hear a word from him! I let the answering machine get it.
    "Please record your message after the beep...BEEEEEP"
    "Hey it's me Jack. Yeah...um since we're both goona be going back to college soon, I wanted to know if we could see each other again soon! Bye."
    I ignore it and go down to eat.
    I decide to call Jack quickly. I will have to speak in a hushed tone because my mom is sleeping already.
    "I know you were home, why didn't you pick up?" says Jack as soon as he answers.
    "Listen bud, I saw that red-head you were with! Okay so leave me ALONE!"
    "But..." I hang up without saying good-bye. I feel good about myself now. Now I was just lying to myself. I loved Jack on the inside. I wanted to be with him-and no, I did NOT feel good about myself. I actually hated myself for getting mad at him.