• I sighed as I walked through the front door. I was finally finished with the school day. In first period, Algebra 2 honors, we'd done a review; I almost fell asleep. For the next class, I had to sit through a boring lecture; I did fall asleep. Web Design 1; I finished my work and surfed the net. Biology honors; we did an experiment that kept me awake. I worked alone, of course. An average school day, followed by an average bus ride home. I stepped out of the doorway.
    Topaz, my seven months old tortoiseshell cat, walked out from behind the sofa to greet me. As she walked closer, her older brother, Amber, jumped on top of her, orange pelt flashing. He was large and strong, but Topaz was lithe and smart. Topaz twisted to the side and slashed out at Amber's nose. Amber jumped back, but Topaz jumped onto his back. Amber reared back onto his hind legs, trying to shake Topaz off. It worked.
    Topaz fell onto her back, losing her breath with a loud whooshAmber jumped on top of her, going for her throat with a mock bite. Topaz battered away at Amber's belly, stopping him and forcing him to retreat. He ran away, Topaz chasing after him. I smiled. Topaz was so smart!
    I turned and headed for stairs. I could hear the sounds of Topaz and Ambers continued scuffle in the other room. I hoped Topaz was winning. I walked down the hall to my room. The cats love my room, so I keep the door closed all day. I reached the door and frowned. Why was it open? Had I forgotten to close it this morning? I grimaced, and walked in the door.
    I jumped back with a shout of surprise. "AAAH!" Someone was in my room!
    "Don't be afraid," the person said. I stuttered for a moment.
    "Wh-wh-what the? Who are you? What are you doing in my room?" I asked. I took a step in my room and stopped. I took a closer look at my unexpected guest.
    She, for it was a she, was wearing a purple, collared T-shirt. She had on casual, but sturdy, blue jeans and sneakers. She seemed tall, but she was sitting on my bed, so I couldn't be sure. She was sturdily built. She had broad shoulders and a thick build. She looked like she was in pretty good shape. Me, well...not so much. I was way out of shape and a bit large around the middle. But, like the girl appeared to be, I was tall. About 5'9", to be exact.
    My 'visitor' had golden hair and vibrant blue eyes. She had no facial piercing, earrings, or any other piercings that I could see. She had on no makeup, yet she was beautiful. She looked to be about 20. I wondered how old she really was. You never can really tell. Most people think I'm around 17. I'm really almost 16. Once, someone even thought I was 20!
    The person on my bed thought for a moment. "Who am I? Well.... I can't tell you that right now. It might mess up the future. But as for what I am, I am a Tavolamer. That's my...position, sort of. And, as for what I'm doing in your room, I was waiting for you." She smiled.