• I walked down the dark alley and jumped at the sight.Those red eyes,peering,just staring at me.Looking at me like...There is no word for that behaviour."what do you want now,sir?"I asked my boss.He stepped out of the shadows.I had only seen his face once,but not well.All i knew is that i had strong feelings for him.I put on my hood and my mask.
    "That man in the store to my right."He half breathed-half whispered into my ear.
    "yes sir."I put on my gloves and walked away from the dark,damp place,into the store.It was desolate,like usual.Iprepared my katana and looked at the dark,and dusty place.An old library,leaking,and torn-up place it was.
    "C-can i h-help you?"He stuttered.This man was only in his fifties,but my boss probably had a reason,a good one,he always did.Made me do this job to pay me,and house me.It was worth it,even if he was a serial killer like I am now. Also he was only one year older than i.
    "yes you can sir,just hold still."I swang out my katana and lunged it into his throat,splattering his blood onto the floor and ceiling.
    "Sir Kalvin shall be pleased once more."I said and wiped clean.I left the place.