• Today was the day to join them, the clan I was so determined to join, the vampire clan. My friend ari told me what kind of group it was and what they do. After ari told me about them I dreamt of one day joining them, cursed to live forever, never being able to live there once normal lives, having to feed on animals and so very rarely, humans, now it was my turn to join, my turn to feast on the living, my turn to live forever.

    Today is my eighteenth birthday, also my graduation day. My friends and I going out to celebrate my graduation and there’s. also along with the day that I become one of them. The day that I become a vampire. You see ari is also a vampire along with several other of my friends. My friends are not those wannabes who think there vampires and go out and buy “vampire teeth” and clamato juice thinking its “blood”.
    After school me and my friends went to my house to get the right attire for the “party” in the cave which consisted of a white t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and hot pink converse. After I was dressed ari came into my room “ok…this wont hurt a bit I promise, all we need to do is take a little bit of your blood.” “ no…you cant you know how much I hate needles.” I said in complaint. After she pretty much forced me to give up some of my blood we “barrowed” my dads convertible mustang we went to the after graduation party. “ so how do you like not having to go to school anymore?” I ask jonny “I cant really say its not really the end of the school thing yet.” jonny says. “oh are you going to college?” I ask. “ ya I am what about you?” he asks “ I don’t know…….” I mumble. “thump!!” I fall to the ground in a daze. My eyes close. “hey…Jesse are you ok? If I hurt you I didn’t mean to.” l heard ari say. “ no…im perfectly fine” I say snobbish “hey ari? Can you believe that this is happening to me today?” I ask ari