• "the last thing i remember is that the emeny was near and then it was all blank" said the warlock who fought in a major war. Then suddenly something had happened,there was this strange noise in the air. All of a sudden there was this chill in the air. It was 60 degrees outside it all of a sudden it turned only 30 degrees in seconds. "why is it so cold, i am starting to fell like i aam about to........" the warlock fainted. "are you ok!" there was no responce. Answer me!" still no responce. this is what happened.This is the answer to how he died

    "troop we're the only 2 left there still 100 left what do you have up your sleve this time" said the general. "I can try to go dead into the center of emeny focus and attack but we're out numbered. Can you give them a distraction?" there waas a pause. "i can distract them from the outside" so they did the plan. "what is that?!" said the general "its a time bomb i will bungie my self in the center and leave it there then bungie away!" The plan was followed. "i cant do that what if i die too?" said the general "fine you can come to" they got all the equipment set up.

    "Lets go!" they both went to the center the bomb was set.then they tried to go back, but there was a huge problem the cord was cut. "Run!" said the general. There was a big explosion. the general was lying on the ground. He was dead. the warlock was fainting he was hardly breathing. Somebody found them and brung them to a hospital where they both dead and there was now only one human left