• there i am doing my chores (more like all the chores you could possibly think of) when suddenly my parental figure sis came in from a party that had alcohole and drugs, and beat me like there was no tomorrow. I didn't fight back, she would just hurt me more.
    My sis is only just 17 and she is an addict to every possible substance that could her, my parents died a 2 years ago in a boating crash, my sis took it really bad.
    When we found out they died my sis ripped out practicly all her hair out, and had a fit on the floor, she had to get booked in for a bed in the hospital.
    After she was out of hospital she got addicted to her painkillers and she wanted more stuff to try.
    After a few months of taking unknown stuff she got agressive, and she started beating me a only last year and I gave up on fighting for myself a few months ago.
    Now since you're up to date of what happened i'll tell you whats happening now....
    I got a punch in the face, now in the stomach, i fell flat on my face and cried, there I lay getting kicked and stomped on and still I feel that I am getting let off, thinking Iv'e done something really wrong, but what?. Now I start blocking out the pain of her unnessesery kicking thinking that I deserve this pain. Now my sis is yelling things at me: "why are you my sister!" "I don't know!" I yelled back "do you love me!" "yes!" I said loudly "why do you love me?!" she screamed "because you're my sister!" I screamed back "thats not good enough!" she said angrily then she picked me up and bashed my head against a corner on a wall and chucked me on the floor with such impact that it split the skin on my skull.
    I layed there for a while while the pool of blood got bigger and bigger.
    "I hate you, I hate you!" my sis screamed and she grabbed a butchers knife and stabbed me in the stomach, I coughed up blood and started leaking out of my mouth.
    My sis screamed bloody murder and run out of the house yelling "what have I done!"
    There I lay sprawled over the floor dead and unmoving in a pool of blood with the knife still where it was placed.
    Finaly my my sis would be put where she belongs I thought while I was heading for the bright light, I smiled subconsously.