• Rayline was a dreamer, much like most 17 year old girls. She always enjoyed those moments she could just sit in front of her window and look down at the family farm, watching the cows play. She never got out much, only when her boyfriend, Jake called her down, then it was out to the barn for a little private meeting, it wasn't often that her parents would go out there. It wasn't their jobs to work the fields, clean the barn and feed the cattle. That was the farm boys job, Jake.
    Jake was a nice guy, always worked hard, but found time to spend with Rayline. It's not that her parents didn't like Jake, like I had said, he was a nice guy. The problem was, he was 20 and there to work, not to play "silly little games" with their daughter Ray. Besides, the family owned a rich dairy farm and Jake was a poor farm boy, they wanted someone that could give Ray all the pretty things she wanted.
    Ray sat at her window, waiting for Jake to come and pull her from her dreams so they could once again be alone in the barn, free from the rest of the world.
    "Rayline, come on." She heard his voice yell for her. Her heart skipped a beat everytime that boy talked.
    Without pausing a moment to put on shoes, Ray ran from her room and down into Jakes arms. "Oh, I missed you. You work way to hard and way to long." Ray scolded. Jake laughed slightly.
    "Well, we better move to the barn before your mama and daddy see us. You know how they feel." Jake was talking in a hushed tone.
    "Mama and Daddy are so uptight, they don't get that love isn't about money, it's about feeling a connection with that person, loving them for who they are." Ray whispered in his ear. He smiled and grabbed her hand, pulling her in the barn and sat on a bundle of hay.
    "So you admit it, you love me." Jake said, reaching over and putting a few peices if stray hair behind Rays ear.
    "What if I do, what are you going to do about?" She said playfully, grabbing his hand from near her face and kissing it.
    "What am I going to do you ask, I am going to do this." Without hesitation to his desicion, Jake puller her closer, kissing her lips softly. "I love you too." He smiled into her lips.
    "Wise answer, my love. Maybe tomorrow you can get another kiss." She pulled back and stood up.
    "What if I want another now?" He stood also.
    "You'll have to catch me." She stuck her tongue out and ran from the barn, avoiding the house though. She wasn't about to get caught with Jake, then there would never be another kiss, let alone another glace at him.
    "That's dirty!" He laughed chasing her.
    She darted past the tractors and plows, avoiding chickens, turkeys and roosters. She ran as fast and as far as she could, but it wasn't far nor fast enough to get away from Jake. She fell to her knees then layed on her back in the empty feild in the far back of the family farm. Jake caught up and layed next to her. "Got you." He said, kissing her before looking to the sky, examining the clouds.
    "I could lay out here all day with you." Ray looked at her loves face, smiling at the little dimples in his cheeks.
    "Ray, I have to ask you something." Jake confessed after a short silence.
    "What is it Jake?" Worry filler her voice. Jake got on one knee and looked down at Ray, who was too stunned to move.
    "Like I said earlier Ray, I love you. I know your mama and daddy don't like me...and I respect that." Jake paused, Ray shot up, fearing this may be the end.
    "Jake, what is it you are trying to say?" She looked deep into his eyes. Her fears were to be put aside as Jake pulled out a ring.
    "Marry me Ray? Prove to your parents that this is love."
    With a slow nod, Ray smiled, "Oh Jake! Yes, I will!"