• Priskila seems doesn't know yet if I knew her big secret. She's still act so nice to me.
    Homever, at my friend's birthday, Val...
    Val is Priskila's good friend. She invited her closest friends to her birthday party in her house. Priskila always became MC with Ria, Val's closest friends. When she starts to made new game for Val's party, she didn't listen to me. I gave her many, many, and many fantastic games, but she didn't attracted or even listen to me for a second! I still can hang on, I think. And, when the party started, she talked a lot. When I wanted to talk, too, she forbade me and she talked again. I feel so sad and irritated.
    And, this is my experience, again...
    She NEVER visited my class ( because our classes are different )
    She only talked to me when she needs something
    When she's with me, her smile looks like isn't true
    Well, yes, she always together with another people and never hang together with me since our classes are different
    She's really jealous when I got a score bigger than her.
    And, what will make me don't mind about her?
    The answers are :
    1. I have many friends at the net
    2. There is always.... YOU.... at my side
    3. I love writing because I can wrote everything here about my feelings eventhought my spelling is wrong
    4. I still have more good friends in school
    5. I can read the books or watch movies / television ( like Taiyo no Uta movie, it's good! Ypu can search it in Youtube )
    6. I can still listen to music ( including Japanese Music, hm, for example YUI? Her songs are good and can make me relax )
    Well, I'll tell you about my experience next, so, see ya!!!