• Killer of Halloween Nights- The Revenge of Freddy

    It has been many years later since the inccedent of Freddy's death. John, Jake, Jack, and Jason had known none about Freddy's past. Freddy was once a man in the military, he was a two star general, which was how he learned his mischievious skills of killing. He had eventually as well, become a secret agent for a company called, "K.O.D." which stands for, "Killers of Disguise." Although Freddy was a killer, double agent, so was the K.O.D. leader of the company, and had encouraged Freddy to drink a potion. The company had originally intended the potion to kill Freddy but instead it had made him a homocidal killer and just as well, an ability to heal any wounds that came in contact with his body , technically, he was a freak. He was alive.

    John had become 24 years old, Jake had become 25 years old, Jason was 24, and Jack became 26. Jack had quit the business of a cop. After 3 years from the inccedent, many of his fellow cops had been killed from out of no where and killed in battle so he didn't want to die as well so he left the business. John got a job of a business man. Jake didn't even get a real JOB he was just in a band, Jake played the drums. Jason eventually became a cop and took over Jack's place as a sergant. Small towns-ville had grown just as the four J's did. The town had become a very large city and more advanced in technology. There were 4 firestations, 10 police stations, and much over 200 houses, 100 dozen streets, and stores and such.

    It was the year 2003 and Freddy had came back from the ocean it took him about 8 years to re-heal him self from all the wounds, the burns and gunshot, and he was very angry at Jake, Jason, Jack, and John. Freddy has got much more skilled, powerful, and got much more skilled with his abilities. It was a night without a moon and Freddy has attacked a man and a woman. Jake had heard the scream and thought it was just another robber but, he told Jack. Jack had heard it a few times and had a feeling it was Freddy because, he saw a pair of eyes right beside Jason's house. Jack eventually told Jason, "Have you seen the eyes beside your house yet?", "Yes I had seen them. I threw them away just yesterday. Do you have any clue who did it?" Jason said with fear in his voice. "Yes, I had an idea that it could be Freddy." , "Freddy!!?? How could it be him??? We killed him 10 years ago!" Jason yelled in fear. "Whatever. Just be on the lookout. Only Freddy can take out eyes like that, withought a scratch."

    Two nights later, Jason woke up in the middle of the night because, someone was talking to him. Jason mumbled, " Uuuughhhh leave me alone Jack. Freddy is dead..." "Freddy is dead? 'Cuz it seems you have it the wrong way around," a man said. "What, is it supposed to be, Freddy is alive?" Jason mumbled with laughter in his voice. "Exactly, and don't forget the part where YOU DIE JASON," Freddy told Jason along with an evil deadly laugh. Jason opened his eyes and jumped out of the bed with fear, "WHAT THE F^CK!!?? FREDDY!? HOW ARE YOU ALIVE!?" Jason screamed in terror. "YOU HAD TRIED TO KILL ME 10 YEARS AGO NOW I WILL DEFINATELY KILL YOU NOW!!!" Freddy screamed in Jason's face. It had been less than 2 minutes later and, Jason was dead. His head on the floor, his body hanging on the wall, his arms and legs dangeling from the ceiling, and his eyes, with Freddy. Freddy had said to himself, " Hehehehehehe... One down, three to go. Well, at least I got the most anoyying one."

    Jack was living a few houses away and was awake and heard Jason's scream. In terror Jack ran as fast as he can and, while he was running he saw blood splurting and gushing on to the windows of Jason's house. Jack knew it was Freddy killing him. Jack had always kept a spare pistol with him just in case of emergencies, and he quietly snuck up to the front door and noticed it was broken down. He took a peek inside and noticed Freddy talking to himself and taking Jason's eyes. With the only chance Jack had to shoot he was busy staring in fear and digusted at Jason's legs and head and didn't notice Freddy seeing his shadow and ran away. Jack just threw up and finally noticed Freddy was gone.

    Jack couldn't believe it, he kept whispering to himself, "Why couldn't of it been me..." Jack was so furious that he decided and swore to himself he would kill Freddy no matter what it took. The next day he called in an investigator to check out the finger prints and foot prints that Freddy may have left behind in order to find him. A few hours later John and Jake both came over to the house to see what was going on. Once they noticed Jason's head on the floor while a couple of people were covering it up, Jake ran out of the house digusted and angry. Quickly Jack went outside to try and calm him down. Nothing seemed to work. Jack told Jake, "Don't worry Freddy will pay for this. I have an investigator that can help us find out where he might be then we will make sure he is dead for sure."

    A few days later, the investigator spotted Freddy in what seemed to be a death chamber. He took a few pictures of Freddy, took notes on what he was doing, and took notes of where the location was. The investigator noticed Freddy picked up a pair of eyes and the investigator decided to take just one more picture. Just as a he took a picture he accidentally pressed the button for flash the camera flashed as he took the shot. "Oh sh^t! Sh^t sh^t sh^t sh^t!" the invistigator whispered to himself. Quickly he ran behind a trash can hoping Freddy didn't notice him or the flash. Unfourntunately, Freddy noticed the flash and quickly looked and ran outside. The investigator started running as fast as he could towards the police station. Luckily, on his way to the police station he lost Freddy and was safe... for now.

    Jack finally got the photo's and all the information he needed to find Freddy. Jack decided to take John and Jake with him so they all could get and kill Freddy and witness his death for good. After a while, they all arrived to the Hideout and quietly snuck inside. John wanted to go in first but, Jake held him back and went in first leaving the others behind. "Oh my god, this is sick. What the f^ck is wrong with this guy..." Jake whispered to himself. Freddy was hiding in a dark corner watching Jake's every move, creeping around and closer to him without him noticing. "Hey Jake," Freddy whispered in Jake's ear. "John I thought I told you to stay back at the door," Jake replied. " Didn't you know it's im-polite to invade other people's homes?" "What the f^ck? OH SH^T! JOHN JACK, HELP!!!! AHHGHHHH, GET OFF OF.. ME!!" Jake screamed at Freddy. Freddy quickly threw his fist into Jake's guts, and through his back. Quickly and in pain, Jake took his gun and shot Freddy 4 times which pushed him back, making his arm sliding out of Jake's stomach, with blood bursting out. Jake fell down gasping for air and yelling for help. Jack and John both rushed up to Jack trying to help him out by covering up his wound so he wouldn't bleed to death so quick. Freddy, with total anger jumped up and ran up to John and grabbed him by the neck in a chokehold and threatening to kill him if they didn't leave Jake alone. John yelled, " Don't do it Jack! Save Jake! Leave me... you gotta save him!" Freddy once again said," I F^CKING SAID LEAVE HIM ALONE!!! UNLESS YOU DON'T WANT ANOTHER PERSON TO DIE LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!" Freddy screamed. Jake told Jack, " Leave me here save him and yourself, there is no way to- urrg save...me..." Jake struggled to say.

    "I SAID LEAVE HIM THE F^CK ALONE!!!" Freddy screamed once again. "I'M GONNA SAVE BOTH OF YOU! I'm not gonna let another one of you die..." Jack yelled then said calmly. Quickly, Jack ran up to Freddy punched him down, which freed John. "Come on! Get Jake! I'll hold him back!" Jack ordered John. Quickly, John ran up to Jake and carried him towards the door. " I SAID LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!" Freddy screamed. Freddy ran up to Jack and threw a fist threw his heart, pulled out his bloody fist, picked up Jack and threw him against the wall, nearly killing him leaving a huge trail of blood. Freddy jumped out at John and threw another bloody fist straight through his back forcing him to collapse. Jake screamed in pain as he dropped to the floor. "Like I said, you should have left him alone now you can all suffer a horrible death...hehehehehe......." You f^cking b^tch..." Jack said in pain. "WHAT THE F^CK WHO SAID THAT... JACK YOU IDIOT YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!!!!" Freddy yelled at Jack. Freddy slowly walked towards Jack and ripped off one leg, with blood bursting out. Freddy then ripped off an arm and his other leg. There was now a lake of blood all around Jack. " Hmmm Jack, where do you think I should keep these?" Eventually, 1 minute later Jack bled to death and died. "You sick b*****d! How co-co-could y-you!" John struggled to say. "I see you want to, hey WHERE DID JAKE GO!!?? JJJJJAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!" Freddy screamed at the top of his lungs. Jake had slowly struggled to crawl out alive. He got out and somone noticed him and called 911 for the ambulance. Eventually, the ambulance came and rushed him to the hospital and healed him after a while.

    "Oh well looks like you are gonna die a much, much more painful death then Jack over here...heheheehe. John was screaming in pain as blood was splattering towards the door and all around the room. There was no stopping Freddy in his never ending massacre.

    To Be continued...