• Prologue

    Once long ago in a world that had no such thing as peace but..... i was the only one who dreamed of peace out of 3 million dark elf, and humans. As for me I'm mainly a dark elf but i'm a combination of a dark elf and a human so I'm what they call a Demon . So i don`t know why that lord Klar would had done with me but it couldn't have be good. He took my Mother away when I was about 2 moons old. he took her in as a war prisoner and i never saw my mother again.

    Chapter 1

    So as it was the month of the 190-moons(or on the 11th month) it was the day of my birthday and my mothers death and a was thinking about some day I would meet so one who had my idea of having peace. But i was too busy doing the daily chores for lord Klar too think of escaping from the castle too start a journey of my own. If i had stopped doing the chores to think of that I would have been in excruciating pain because if I didn`t my lord would have made me into a slave if I was that id be whipped to death or near death if I not do what he says. So later in the day around midday I had almost finished my chores for lord Klar so as usual i was doing the lunch dishes for my lord and his soldiers They are very picky of what they eat so I make individual dishes for all twenty-two of them luckily four of them are twins. When I was finished with that and did the dishes after lunch I had an hour to my self then sir Kaven had shouted
    " look a new friend for that child of yours Klar"
    "Shut up you Imbecile"
    "sorry SIR"
    "thank you"
    then I looked in that direction and saw a young boy about as many moons old as I am then Sir Kaven almost spotted me in the bushes luckily im faster that his knights are because i`m a dark elf we are meant to be fast."I wonder what lord Klar is going to do with that boy that I saw and what is he a dark elf or human or is he both like me?"
    So as my time was ended for my break I went to the boy and asked him
    "What is your name?"
    "I don`t know what my name is I never got one I guess"
    "huh? well do you know what you are ?"
    "What are you then?"
    ".......A......dark elf.... and a ... a human"
    "hey he is just like me half and half " I thought to my self "Which one are you more human or...."
    "Hey stop babbling to him Serenity" sir Kaven yelled.
    "Sorry sir"
    "Well then back to work "
    So we went back to work in the castle the boy didn't have a name did not know what to do so I told him what he should be doing then he understood what the daily routine was that had helped him to get used to it. After a long period of time you get a higher class and eventually freedom some say there is 12 classes barn keeper, castle keeper, black smith, weapon carrier (which was most dangerous you be lucky to survive that class and if so you would get a higher class) then you could be set free or work for 40 more moons and if u do u go to things like guarding the castle grounds and the rest I do not know. So the next morning I asked the boy what he was more of human or dark elf.
    But he didn't answer back so I asked him again then he said he was more dark elf but what I did not notice before was his ears his hair wasn't put back in a braid like before as I thought before he wasn't the same as the others were he was more like me so I got curious and asked him who was his father was he said it was lord Klars son and i thought that he and I were brother and sister. So I told him that he was my father too.So we started to discuss a plan to make the best of it and we did not tell each other what we thought about each other but to me he looks allot like me and he looks like the boy from my dream I had a while before I met him. So the next day i went out with Lord Klar for a "special"
    mission i had no idea what i agreed on with lord Klar but the boy didn't come with us he didn't even talk to him but i knew that it had to be important otherwise lord Klar wouldn'thave sent me with him. so what i saw on the way there was just a mystery to me for had i never been past the walls of that castle any castle in fact.
    "Well do you know what you came here for Serenity?"
    "No sir"
    "Well were here for a promotion for you"
    "form serving you so long sir to become a knight"i said with low hopes.
    "Yes exactly you will be here from now on"
    "Wow." I said in amazement looking at the castle that had trained thousands of Klar's knights.
    "wow from this day forth i shall make it my duty to do the best i can lord Klar"
    "Yes I know you will thats why you are here"
    so he led me to the training hall and i was scared at first but I got over that in a while.
    "Whats this Klar another royally pain"
    "just the opposite of that she seems to have a special power"
    "you are kidding me this worthless pice of trash has a special power thats the dumbest thing i ever heard"
    "you mustn't listen to him Serenity"
    "I know sir "
    "Well then my wife could teach her healing magic but thats all "
    "No"he said with a stern voice " i need her to become a Archer, learn how to weild a blade, and learn Magic "
    "You are kidding me Klar she cant do all that in such i little time"
    "She is my best and i will have you know she is a great Archer "
    "yah right"
    "Just stop"I yelled. "i have trained with lord Klar in Archery at the castle"
    "Well then show me then go out there and show me"
    "But I need a left handed bow"
    " A what?"
    "a left handed bow sir"
    "She is left handed sir"
    "well then ...what left handed?"
    "yes she is "
    "That is bad lucky for this training ground get...get her out of here!"he yelled at Lord Klar.
    " you will not tell him what he should do"i yelled back. then I summoned the power that allowed me to use an illusion on him.
    Lord klar had proven his point just that moment that I did that with a crooked grin on his face he said
    "I told you that she had a special power and she was right you can not tell me what to do"
    then i stopped the illusion on him and he regretted ever thing that he said and out of no were I hear a howl stopped and ran out side and I saw an wolf that one of the trainees had tried to kill so i ran faster so he couldn't get another hit at the wolf it look only 1 moon old so I tried to help it and it was injured severely and then lord Klar asked what was the matter and I said
    "Well this wolf is it's leg is broke and that trainee badly injured it"
    "Well then I suppose that is why you came out here so quickly "
    "Well no I heard it howl that is what made me come out here first"
    that second tai came over like he saw who shot the pup well it wasn't much of a pup more like 7 mouths old it was some what small but it looked very hungry so it was very skinny and it wasn't very healthy either but there was a bigger problem the guard got attacked by the wolf.
    Later on I had thought that I would train the wolf and give it a name except I had to ask lord Klar first so then when he came to do his check that he did daily with the trainee's and I helped lord Klar after that i asked him
    "Lord Klar can I keep the wolf that we saved please."
    " Yes you can Serenity "
    "Really !!!!"
    "Yes why did you ask when you know that I love wolves"
    "Oh sorry my lord"
    " That's okay Serenity "
    " Where's Tai my lord"
    "... I think he is in the castle doing what he usually is why do you ask Serenity?"
    " Just curious to what he was doing lord Klar oh and what happened to that one guard that attacked the wolf ?"
    " He was dismissed from the training camp "
    That's what he deserved I thought to myself but why would he try to get me too, then I started my daily training on the Archery and swordsmanship it's improved allot. So after I was finished for the day I noticed that some of the trainees were acting strange so I walked over to them then out of no were one of them tried to attack me but I blocked his sword and threw him into the bushes then another tried to get me but failed too.
    " What are you doing!" I yelled.
    then the first one tried again but still didn't get me with his sword but the other one got his bow and arrow and got me in the right arm thinking I was right handed but was sadly mistaken then I yelled out
    "Nice try but wrong arm !"
    So I unsheathed my sword and drew it to his face and said
    "Go ahead try that again! "
    as soon as he tried to unsheathe his I cut his right arm and left arm then i cut the front of his armor.