• Disclaimer: I own not the world in which this story takes place.

    He Wept

    Within the dark cell a man, no older than forty, looked up as his captors pulled his hair to look into his face. With one word the man’s world was blank. All that mattered was the commanding voice in his head. The man followed the voice’s command and stood up on his shaking legs. The voice commanded the man to man to walk out of the cell and to another.

    A woman, about the same age as the man, was lying on the floor of another cell. She was pale and thin. She had lost any hope of seeing the man again or any of their children. When her cell door opened she did not look up till she heard the man’s voice say her name. Then she shot her head up.

    The man walked in to the cell and called out her name, just as the voice told him to. She called out to him and stood to embrace him. As she was walking the short distance between the door and the wall opposite, the man was handed a small dagger. As the woman wrapped her arms a round the man’s neck he wrapped his arms around her returning her embrace.

    Her arms tensed as the man plunged the dagger deep into her back. She convulsed with pain and pushed herself away from the man. The man walked toward her as she walked away till she was cornered. The man terrorized her in final moments.

    When her life was only seconds from ending the voice stopped its commands and the man came out of his mindless bliss. He heard the woman’s last dieing plea. As the final moment of life fled her the man wept.