• She landed silently. She began to run, saddened at the fact she would not see her fathers' reaction at the chaos she had created. Her white hair glistened in the moonlight, as did her white dress. In her right hand, she carried a blood soaked, black dagger, and her left was covered by a black cloak.

    A maid was on her way to the princess' room with a platter of food. The platter fell with a loud crash, she began to scream, the kings' two most powerful knights were laying face first on the floor, in pools of blood. One's head was barely attached to his body, and the other was missing his arms. The castle went into a frenzy, maids and knights were running through the corridors screaming for the missing princess. "Your majesty! Someone has kidnapped your daughter and killed our most powerful knights!" The king stared down at his servant and slowly shook his head. "No, my daughter has not been kidnapped. She was the one who did this."


    This just came to me, a little dark but hey it makes a good story xD