• Zythra: Wow well u seem to be the only be the only person who would do that to me. Hey wait why wouldn`t u do that to me?

    Darth: *blushes*

    *Darth walks away still blushing*

    Zythra: boys!

    Kat: How cute someone has a crush on u!!!

    Zythra: Ya right now ur starting to sound like Patty.

    *Joe walks down the hall and pokes Tipsy*

    Tipsy: Wat do u-----

    *Joe kisses Tipsy*

    Kat: Gay luv! Gross!

    Zythra: I think I`m going to be sick!

    * On the way home from skool*
    *Zythra is walking home*

    Patty: Still acting like a b***h huh?

    Zythra: Wat did u call me!?!?!

    Patty: U heard me b***h!

    Zythra: THATS IT I HAD IT WITH U!!!

    *Zythra points arm cannon at her(Zythra is half cyborg thats why she has an arm cannon) and shoots her* *Patty moves out of the way and blast misses her then she pulls out her dagger and throws it at Zythra* * Darth jumps in front of Zythra and dagger hits Darth* *Darth falls to the ground*

    Zythra: Darth!!!!!!!! crying evil crying evil

    Patty: oh crap I`m out of here!

    *Patty starts to run*

    Zythra: Thats right u better run b***h!

    *Zythra picks up Darth* crying crying

    The End of Shes Wat!

    Sad wasn`t it?