• Descriptions!

    Zythra`s Description: "I used to love robots, but since my accident in my lab and i became half cyborg my life has been living hell" And she only has feelings for one person in the world.

    Kat`s Description: "I hate the world and everyone in it! Well maybe not everyone." Plus a lawn gnome follows her around.

    Patty`s Description: The last known person who tried to put Patty in an asylum woke up with tons of painful cuts over his chest and neck, and his family was found dead in Italy four days later.

    Darth`s Description: Studies for test and has good english! He is also a big starwars fan! He is also the only person who can get Zythra to show her good side.

    Tipsy`s Description: This emo gay kid has a lot of secrets!

    Joe`s Description: "I heart rainbows, ponys, bunnies, and GUYS!!!!"

    New PPLZ Descriptions!

    The G-Crew!

    Gevyn`s Description: Gevyn has been to Jail a total of 17 times and is the leader of the G-Crew!

    Grayne & Grace`s Descriptions: The weird twins who follow arownd Gevyn and are known to talk in unison. Plus the only other members of the G-Crew.

    Stone`s Description: Is known to have a tough apperence and is also gay.

    Ditsy`s Description: "I`ve got spirit yes I do! I got way more sprit than you!" Also loves the color Pink!

    Jane`s Description: Just as crazy as Patty, but has been in an asylum.

    Hunter`s Description: his favorite saying is, "WTF do u want!" and has been to Jail 10 times.