• As much as I wanted him to have someone... I couldn't just stand there and watch as his date hit on him. It could have been because Kakashi had set up the date, and he hadn't even wanted to go. It could very well be the fact that this gorgeous, very sexy girl probably only had one thing on her mind, and a commitment to be with him wasn't what she wanted...

    Really, I almost found myself being jealous; the whole reason why I was even here.

    Many drinks and empty glasses sat in front of me, and the bar seemed like a great place to be at the moment. Listening to her giggle, watching her slowly move closer, exposing more skin... Truthfully, I was disgusted. She was not the right person for him, and no matter how much skin she showed, he wouldn't like her...


    As much as I thought I knew him, he could always surprise me... He could be interested in her, and was just playing hard to get; after all, he wasn't really reacting to her advances. Sitting back in his chair, he just gave her his normal smile while trying to make a conversation with her. Of course, she wasn't interested in that, as she just moved closer to him, showing some leg in that revealing dress of hers.

    Of course, I couldn't say she was dressed like a slut; my attire was very similar. Glancing down at my own attire, I smirked. A tight, black dress that stopped at mid thigh, it showed how fit I actually was.

    However, the straps were a b***h, considering how one refused to stay on my shoulder for longer then a minute. Adjusting the said strap, I just sighed, glancing back down at my drink.

    "I'll be right back, I need to use the restroom... Don't leave without me."

    Her voice was bubbly, her hair gently moving with her as she walked past me towards the restroom. Then, the bar was back to being just loud and obnoxious, the musics lyrics running through my mind. It was a song that often played here at the club; a favorite of the sabon welding shinobi, who often sat in the corner with a new lady every time. The lyrics were interesting, and could take my mind away from the girl who I already hated, and the man who sat not too far away, probably watching her.

    I want something else, to get me through this,
    Semi-charmed kind of life,
    I want something else,
    I'm not listening when you say, Good-bye.

    The counter was cool under my exposed arms, but I didn't mind, enjoying the cool compared to the heat of the club. I hadn't even danced, yet a shimmer of sweat made my skin gleam wonderfully, something that you had to get used to at the tavern.

    "Hm, Akina... Are you waiting for someone?"

    His voice sent shivers down my spine; perhaps because I wasn't expecting him to confront me. With how his eyes had been on her the entire time, I thought he wouldn't be able to stand her even going to the bathroom...

    But I hoped I was wrong.

    "No. I came alone."

    I was never one to talk much in a setting like this, and he understood that more then anyone. It was something that made us so perfect for each other, and also made him my closest friend.

    Ordering me another drink, he just smiled, pulling up the stool beside me. The smell of cologne caught my attention, and I had to down my drink in order to not look at him. Normally, he didn't even dress nice, let alone wear cologne; this showed either one of two things.

    He either really liked her, or he was trying to impress someone.

    "Cologne? You must really like this girl if you wore cologne."

    Chuckling, he slung an arm around my neck, pulling me closer. Now, smelling both alcohol and cologne, I felt my head begin to spin a little, not used to the combination.

    "Hm... says the one wearing perfume. If you must know, there is a girl who had caught my attention... and I'm hoping to impress her."

    Amused to find that I was correct, I allowed my head to lay on his shoulder, closing my eyes temporarily to enjoy the moment. I had to say, I enjoyed moments like this.