• This isn't a diary. If it was, I would write in it everyday. I am certain I will forget to write in here or be too lazy to, so this isn't a diary, okay? Anyway, I'm writing in here because I need to be able to vent my feelings somehow, and I am not too great at expressing my emotions aloud.
    My mom and step-dad are getting a divorce. I don't want them to, but I always had a feeling nagging at my heart that I would never need to concern myself with buying them a "Happy 30th Anniversary!" card.
    One of them must've thrown a lamp into a packing box just now, probably mom, because I just heard the cracking of ceramic and light bulbs and a colorful string of cursing.
    "Jen, that wasn't even your lamp!" Wayne screeched at my mother.
    "It was hidious anyway!" she shouted back.
    God. I'm telling you, I cannot wait to get out of this hell hole. Everyday there's constant bickering. Wayne even went so far as to tell my step- sister Erin to "be wary of Jennifer. She's unstable."
    Oh, I really wished I could've popped him across the face. I've always had the urge to, ever since I was six years old. I'm starting to think it's his fault, not Erin's, that I have anger management issues today. At least I've gotten a chance to destroy some of his property. The idiot actually thought I accidentally smashed a hole in the whiteboard downstairs...
    Anyway, I have to go make sure no murders occur downstairs. Bye for now, my non- diary.


    Well. There is a dent in the hardwood floor in the den but other than that, everyone and everything is unscathed. Except for that poor, ugly lamp. I was right about what happened to it. I came so close to hitting him today. He got in my face, and the whole time he was yelling at me, all I was concentrating on was gathering my strength to smack the back of his head. Honestly, I could give him a concussion if I actually tried.
    Unfortunately, mom walked in right when I started raising my arm to swing. She shoved him into the front door and would have hit him herself, if I hadn't dragged her away. We've both run completely run out of patience.
    Erin resents Wayne now, because she sees it as his fault that the one person that's come close to being her mother is leaving. I agree, but I'm glad they're separating now. Before, i had worried about school and my mom's work. She liked her job and I somewhat liked Osborne, so I didn't want us to have to leave it.
    Well, we don't, so now I'm ready to pitch it out of here.
    Got to go pack.
    Later, ND.