• The end is Only The beginning

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    Growing up as a kid was hard on me and my sister Jess. I'm Tess and yeah we’re twins! When we were three are parents died in a car accident and none of are relatives could be found so we were put in this foster home.
    No one told us what was going on or that are mom and dad were dead. Two years later on our fifth birthday someone came to adopt Jess, she didn't want to go with out me.
    I told her "This is you chance to get out of this dump! We will find each other later just don't forget about me."
    She still didn't want to leave me I was the older twin by 3min not that it mattered. I gave her a glare and she left. For me it was a hard not life. I was stuck there till someone wanted to adopt me or when I was old enough to move out. As the years went by I have seen allot of people get adopted but not me. No one wanted to adopt a little tomboy. I haven't always been a tomboy I also didn't use to live in a foster home with limited supplies of cloths. Three more years’ went bye then the day came. There was this strange man named Neo.
    "Hello I’m looking for a little girl who’s about twelve years of age and fairly smart" Neo Smiled when he seen me walk in the room. Miss. Catherin didn't she never liked me because; when I would get into trouble for doing something that I’m not supposed to do I would get stuck with her for the rest of the day. So for me spending all those days with her she has done her hardest to keep me here.
    "Tess get out of here you know your not aloud to be in here" I jumped onto a chair and smiled.
    "I'm in here everyday Miss. Catherin it’s nice to see you this after noon too" Neo looked at me then came to sit next to me.
    "What’s your name little girl?" he asked in a polite manor. My eyes widened and I smiled this was my chance to get out of here. I spoke very carefully.
    "My name is Tess I’m twelve years old and if been here since I was only three and my little twin sister Jess got adopted when she was five." He stared at me but had no facial expression at all. The room was quit and Miss. Catherin was shacking her head at me. I guess she new this might be my last day here.
    Neo started to talk to me again, " What a ... “he paused to think of the right words to chose, "disturbing little story you have there Tess. Miss. Catherin may I adopted this little girl?" Now Miss. Catherin looked mad. I don't know why, if I wasn't here I couldn’t bother her any more. Miss. Catherin sat down at here desk and shuffled through her papers. She looked up at Neo and said in a calm interject voice,” She’s not for adoption"
    Neo spoke "I'll assure you that every kid in this foster home is for adoption Mss. Catherin"
    Miss. Catherin Frowned and got out a very big file. It was mine, of Corse it had all of the bad things I done wrong since I been here. I frowned along with Neo. He looked from the file to me again and again about 3 times then stood up. Mss. Catherin smiled and hoped he had changed his mined.
    "Tess how would u like to have an older brother and a little sister?" I jumped out my seat in joy "Oh boy! Would I sure love to?" There was a slight silence
    "Well then why don’t you go get your things as I finish up here" Neo turned to Miss. Catherin who had the ugliest facial expression I seen. As I ran out the door in joy I stuck my Tung out at her but, when Neo turned around I stuck my Tung in my mouth and ran off.
    All the other kids looked at me I could here everyone whisper things like "What she happy about" or "She in finally getting out of here!" I didn't have too many friends because I would always get into fights. Once I was in the big room felled with bunk beds I frowned.
    "I may not like this place but ill miss it" I ran to the third bunk and climbed to the top were my bed was. I garbed the little sot case I brought with me when I was three and the few thing I still had from my old house and that was all I had. The close what shared between all of us because there was a lot more girls here than boys. I was half way back to the front office when I herd someone crying. I stopped to see who it was. I frowned when I seen it was my best and only friend Jose.
    "Jose why are you crying" I didn't realize that was the stupidest question to ask. Of Corse I new why she was crying, I was leaving her. I also new how she felt because, I felt the same way when my sister left me. Jose looked her face red from crying
    "Just go Tess you don't want your new dad waiting for you"
    "Oh Jose don't cry please don’t cry! I been here my whole life you should be happy for me! Your day will come to!" she took her head out from between her knees and looked at me.
    "What if that day never comes for me Tess?"
    the time is right." I posed and waited for her to respond but when she didn't I continued “I’ll never forget about you!" I gave her a hug and left. Neo was waiting for me at the front door. I looked at Miss. Catherin and waved bye, she didn't wave back so I just walked out the foster home with my new dad. That was the end of one life and the beginning of the next!

    Chapter 1

    5 Years later
    “Moonlight! Moonlight, wake up! We are going to be late.” I scrammed up stairs. I was running around gathering all my things for school. Today is the last day! I can’t miss it by any chance. Mike came and picked my steep sister Melina for school, so she’s already there!
    “Moonlight this is the last time I’m going to wait on you get down here we have to go!” That was the last time I was going to tell him to come on! Five minutes later he came down the stairs.
    “Look here Mr. Sunshine I don’t have time for your games! Can you just get us to school? I don’t want to Miss Kito!” I spoke in a loud voce almost screaming at him. Moonlight took his head out the fridge were he was standing to turn around to Tess.
    “Yea yea let me grab my keys” Moonlight closed the fridge and walked off.
    I wonder what his problem was. He looked all happy and gloomy yesterday. I wonder if that girl he was with was his girlfriend and dumped him? Or maybe he likes her and hasn’t figured out how to ask her out yet. I don’t know but I hope he’s not like this every day! Moonlight was walking around the house looking under everything. He looked troubled so I went over to see what his problem was.
    “Tess where are my keys? I can’t fined them any were” Moonlight asked with his head under the couch.
    “WHAT? YOU CAN’T FINED YOUR KEYS” I scram across the room. I screamed so loud I bet people could here me from down the street. “No, no, no, no, no! You can’t do this to me Moonlight! You can’t do this!”
    “No need to panic Tess we will get to school, but first I have to fined my keys!” Moonlight didn’t seam to please about his keys missing. I could tell by the way his voice sounded.
    Wile Moonlight and my self were turning the house up side down looking for the key’s Moonlight lost; Melina was having fun at school.
    “It’s almost time for homeroom I wonder were Tess is?” Kito asked Melina. Melina was thinking the same thing. She new I would be here by now. I was almost ready to go when she left. Melina looked at Kito and frowned. She didn’t know what to do. She hasn’t ever gone to school with out me or Moonlight there with her.
    “Maybe I should go and check on her? Moonlight isn’t here either I wonder if anything happened.” Melina jumped up from the star she was sitting on. Kito jumped up after she had.
    “Ill go with you just in case something did happen and you need help!” Kito followed Melina over to where Mike was at.
    “Mike I need your car!” Melina tooled Mike it sounded like she was demanding more than asking for the car. Kito screamed to them “STOP! Wait for me!” by the time he got to the car he was out of breath. “OK now you can go.” He said after he cached his breath from running across the parking lot. Mike turned around to Kito.
    “Nice to know I need your permeation to drive off in my own car.” Melina put her seat belt on and turned to Mike as if she was waiting for something.
    “Were to Melina I’m not a mined reader!” Mike asked her she shock her head and said
    “To my house!” Mike drove off and headed back to the house.
    “Moonlight were was the last place you had your keys?” I asked him wile searching ever coat pocket on the coat hanger.
    “Well the last time I used them was to pick you up then…” he paused dead in his tracks and stopped every thing he was doing. I looked up at him in curiosity on why he stopped.
    “Moonlight please tell me you remember were you put your keys! Please remember!” I ran over to him, shacking him back and forth. He looked as if he was happy but his tone was a disturbing kind of tone.
    “I think Melina has my keys” As soon as he said that he jumped back afraid of what I mite do.

    -By: Jessica Pettengill

    ©copy right 2008 rofl