• Bella wandered up and down the book-stuffed isles, perusing for something that would spark her ever-changing interest. Today, she was in the mood for something that wasn’t like her at all; something romantic. Something similar to what lonely, sexually deprived wives read to pass the time and kindle their imaginations. Yes, it was just one of those days.
    However, she came to find that she was distracted from her search. Shortly after entering the library, Bella caught wind of some kind of intoxicating scent. She didn’t know what is was or where it was coming from. But regardless, it was driving her crazy. Hence the search for salacious books to ease her over-imaginative mind.
    After about an hour, she finally settled with a dirty vampire hunter book laced with naughty scenes. She parked her lithe figure in one of the squishy chairs provided by the library and buried her nose into the hottest scene she could find. Three pages and much blushing later, Bella placed her book back on the shelf and turned to walk out the door…but not before bumping into the source of the aroma that tortured her during her library trip. Her vision blurred before she could even begin to think about who or what she’d run into. Everything spun out. Her self-control, her cold demeanor, all of it melted as she fell into the stranger’s arms in a total daze.
    When her eyes opened, the world was blurry. The scent was everywhere, throwing her nonexistent drive into overtime. She hated this feeling. Confused, helpless, and not in control of her instincts…this place was strange to her. Her mind, although in a confused state struggled to keep the body alert. Something stirred in her peripheral vision. Before she could even put up her guard, the blur of motion was by her side on the creaky bed.
    Azure blue eyes pierced hers and sent her body into a frenzy. She swallowed hard and spoke quietly, trying to maintain control over her hormones and voice.
    “Who are you?”
    The handsome god smirked with full lips and lust smoldered like fire in his eyes. Taut, lean muscle flexed as he leaned in close. Bella bit her lower lip, trying not to think about that lean body on top of her own…
    “Does it matter? We’re drawn to each other…as if we were lovers in another life.”
    He leaned even further in, now nuzzling his face in where her neck met her shoulders.
    “You’re absolutely…”
    He breathed her scent in deep as he lifted his head.
    Their eyes met in a clash of sapphire and violet.
    Bella’s breath caught in her lungs and blood rushed to her face. He had spoken her very thoughts in a way that drove every fiber of her body wild. She was shocked and slightly confused. No one had ever spoken to her that way before. Of course, no one had even dared get that intimate with her, but still. Here was an absolute stranger talking to her as if she were his dearest lover. But before she could even say anything, warm soft lips pressed themselves to the side of her neck, making her want to melt. Those lips trailed soft kisses from her neck up to her jaw. Lavender met with blue as their eyes met for the briefest of moments.
    She had no idea what he had whispered against her lips as their bodies melded together, but the few hours after that was the happiest Bella had ever been and for once, everything was perfect.
    Bella awoke nude, but in her own bed back at the mansion. Everything seemed normal, right down to her cat perched on her chest staring at her with big, glistening gold eyes. And then she sneezed, right in Bella’s face. “Apple, get off. You senile furball.” she muttered angrily as she wiped her face and headed to the bathroom.
    Her body harbored a dull ache, but outside of that, there was no memory of the day before… Just a vague memory of shocking blue eyes. Shrugging it off, she resumed her day as usual. Calm, cold, hateful, but collected. However, when no one was looking, she was off in a daze, thinking about the wild dream that seemed so shockingly real.