• PART 5

    The big gold sign for Borstal jail for juveniles stood proud outside the big gray building, not a scratch on it, tom looked at it for a second, pushed his glasses up his nose, then walked through the big metal gates, if any of the youths in here had a hope of getting out, they would be disappointed, guards surrounded the building, some with taizers and truncheons and guns if necessary. Josh sat there on his bench in his hard cell, his grey uniform seemed to hang off him but luckily they had heating in here otherwise he would freeze to death. His head was bent, staring at the ground, his almost black hair hung limply over his pail face, why had he even done it? Yes, he deserved it…but he didn’t think he would get into this much trouble. His cell was only 4 meters by 2 and a half and he was claustrophobic it was like a large box with bars for walls inside a room, and if he had tried to dig his way out, he wouldn’t of got far, the bars went down for 5 meters. a guard was standing by the door of the room and just then there was a knock on the door. The guard turned and slid open a slit to it, and stared into the eyes of the man who faced him on the other side.
    “Can I help you?” he said in a cold hard voice.
    “Oh…its, tom? Iv comes to interview uh…josh, is it? About the…thing?” the guard stood there for a moment considering it, but then nodded and slid back several bolts from the door, and swung it open
    “he’s just there.” He said gesturing to the jail and tom walked through, he went over to the bars and sat down on a chair that was by them, josh didn’t move, his head still bent down, staring at the floor, not acknowledging the man in front of him in the slightest. Tom brought his glasses to the end of his nose and peered at josh, who felt like a cadged animal with hundreds of people staring at him and laughing. Tom had josh’s file in his hands and was now leafing through it.
    “So…josh? Is it?” tom asked glancing up at the boy, no reply “no? Yes? Josh?” still no answer, suddenly there was a clang as the guard waked the bars with his truncheon.
    “come on, answer the man!” josh slowly looked up and stared at tom then nodded slowly, the guard was satisfied with the result and resumed his position by the door, truncheon still in hand incase he had to use it again. tom cleared his throat.
    “So.” he Continued, leafing through the file “you were put in here for…?”
    “…Murder.” Josh mumbled,
    “…I said…murder.”
    “Ah…bit young for that aren’t you? 14, isn’t it?” joshes head lifted up and his face darkened,
    “…know ones ever to old to murder...” he mumbled, tom bit his tongue.
    “…m-maybe not then…n-never mind.” He cleared his thought again. “and…how long have u been here?”
    “…Month, or two, I lost count long ago.” he said for almost the third time, he had repeted the same thing to many other variouse police officers. tom stared at him for a bit, glanced at the guard then lowered his voice to almost a whisper.
    “Were going to spring you free, josh.” Josh lifted his head and stared at tom
    “ye, right.” He huffed. Tom raised his eyebrows.
    “no, seriously, it all kind’a depends if you want to get out, and if you would like to come and…work in our science lab.”
    “…I’m rubbish at science.”
    “all the more reason to come and try then. So, what do you say?” josh sat there for a very long time, considering the option. Stay here, or be free…hmm…tough one.
    “Alright.” He said and got of the bench. “spring me.” Tom smiled and pressed his continuously falling down glasses back up his nose.
    “good, good.” He gestured to the guard who bordly, took out a bunch of keys and opened the bard door, josh stepped out, suddenly tom wiped out a cloth and pressed it to josh’s face “wh-“ he shouted, he struggled and hit toms face, he was pretty strong for his age, but within seconds, he was out like a light.

    Tom looked up at the broad so-called guard.
    “Good role play.” He said to him, smirking. “you almost made me believe you were one of them. you should go on stage or somthing.” The man smiled and took of his shirt; underneath there was the top half of a white lab coat, and the rest was tucked into his trousers. Tom stared at him “no, no, leave it on, we don’t want the police to suspect anything.” The man nodded and pulled his shirt back on.
    “Lets go.” He said, and was about to walk out when tom stopped him.
    “Uh…do you think you could…?” he gestured to the boy lying unconscious on the floor “my muscles aren’t what they used to be.” The man smirked. huh, what muscles? He thought, But he picked up the boy effortlessly, slung him over his shoulder and walked out, tom following, looking around furtively for prying eyes.