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    Mixed Messages

    We arrive at art on time luckily and rush to our seats, there he was smiling at me, Michael! "Are you okay? You seemed a bit upset before.""That's because I my boyfriend just broke up with me!""Oh was that, that boof haired guy!"He started to chuckle."Yeah...""Hey!Why don't you sit with me? He'll definitely will be jealous!""Nah...""Aww come on! Your friends can come too!"
    Art passed quickly and me, Michael, Lachie, Tom, Racheal and Jas walked into the cafeteria together and sat down at a table. People looked at us funny but we all ingnored it. Jay was glaring at Michael and we all acted as if he wasn't there. He stalked up to our table, "So this is the guy your in love with!""Oh that's right, hi! I'm Michael!"Jay just glared at me and Michael who were sitting next to each other nearly touching."Yeah....well also while you didn't call Charlotte all holidays I've been giving her company.
    "If you want to know what we did we went out everywhere! And we had this amazing kiss at my house!"I could tell Michael was enjoying this alot, you could tell as soon as Jay stalked off he was going to crack up laughing, which he did. Jay glared at our table alot, I got a bit guilty but he deserved it I was being faithful and honest, not a homewrecker. Lunch was actually fun, me and Micheal smiled at each other alot, I keep thinking maybe we're giving eachother mixed messages but he didn't get awkward when Jay said I was in love with him unless he was just trying to piss off Jay that's what this mixed messages business was all about. Racheal and Jasmine walked off to their next class and so did Lachie and Tom, me and Michael had a free period so we were left in the cafeteria. I saw it was raining and I love sitting out in the rain so I quietly got out of my seat,"What are you doing?""Nothing...", I was dazed as I walked out to the rain. "Are you going to tell me what the hell we're doing." I ignored him until I reached a bench,"I like sitting in the rain and getting soaked, and you, you can do anything you like unless you want to join me?""Sure!"Michael sat down and grinned,"There sure is some strange things about you!""Yeah!Same is for you not that there is anything wrong with it...""Yeah well there is but I can't help that...."It's quiet for awhile not that I don't mind but my dream is complete, I always wished that I could sit in the rain with a guy who I'm in love with and just get soaked in the rain."So is this is your dream or something?"I swear he can read my mind or knows me better than I know myself, I swear!"Yeah! It is everything in this picture is my dream!""Oh and I'm part of your dream?""Yeah...kind of, I had this dream that I would be sitting next to a guy I was in love with..."I started blushing,"...I like it when you blush...Charlotte, I have to ask for your permission....you don't have to do anything but I just want to get your permission to do what I'm going to do...""Okay....what are yo-", he pulls my face towards him gently towards me and his and my lips touch for the first time, I think we're kissing for five minutes or so then we both start to pull away, both embarassed. Jay walks up to us with an umbrella, a usual! He hates getting his hair wet." Cha? Can I talk to you for a moment?"I answer angrily,"Don't call me that!You have no right now!"I look at Michael for some help,"Jay whatever you want, I'm sure it can wait, Charlotte doesn't want to speak with you right now.
    "I'm sure you can understand, after all being dumped by your boyfriend is pretty tough.""Don't tell me what to do! This is between me and Charlotte not you!Your the problem here!""Hey! Don't speak to him that way!I'm actually glad now you broke it off because you never really understood me did you?All I did was be faithful and honest and then you decide to break it off! You know the pain I went thought with Mack!""Well now you've got someone else to cry to!Now-""Hey you have no right to speak to her that way!""Okay, okay but just to warn you if you lose your friends it's not my fault it's yours, I helped you gain those friends and you can lose them easily."I saw Michael was going to lose it, so I looked him in the eyes and put my hand on his chest and then watch Jay walk off.Michael could see I was going to break into pieces so he quickly pulled me over to him so he could hug me, I don't know how long we stood there for but the bell went for break time so we had enough time to get our books from our lockers.We walked in silence to Michael's locker,"It will be okay, I'll make sure of it, and your friends. They'll be there no matter what because look how they've supported you instead of Jay?"I just nod, I'm in no mood to talk. He kisses me on the head,"It will be okay, I promise!"
    The rest of the day was okay and I'm pretty sure Michael filled them in about Jay and Jay tried to make them turn on me. Michael also drove me home, the others are really supportive and actually think Michael is pretty cool! Michael was all happy on the ride home,"So what are we now we've kissed?""I suppose we're together now,Whoh!How did we get home so fast?""I'm pretty sure you're distracted by my presence.""Can I kiss you again?""Sure!"I was pretty keen on kissing him, he was such a great kisser! We stayed there for ten minutes but when Mom's car came up the driveway, I was so lucky she didn't see me because I was on the curb. I kiss him this time,"See you tomorrow?""Yes!"He kisses me that time, we smile at each other for a moment, then I stumble out of the car. The window rolls down,"Oh Charlotte, two things, I'm picking you up tomorrow and I'm going to make up a cool nickname for you! Okay?""Yeah sure!Bye!"