• The Story of King Midas
    As told by: Tejanochica

    The story of King Midas begins with a monarch who has a very cliched love, gold. King Midas absolutely loves gold, almost every metal object in his palace was gold, but the one thing he treasured mor than his treasure was his daughter. She was th apple of his eye.

    One day as he was walking through his garden a wrinkled old man approached him with an offer. The old man offered an enchantment, one that would turn everything he toughed to gold. Of course the king was intrigued, could that even be possible? If that was true then he could have golden everything, gold chariot, palace, even a solid gold throne! King Midas decided to take the old man up on his offer. The old man said that the enchantment would start the next morning, and left.

    All that day King Midas pondered if such a spell even existed, and all that day he was giddy with excitement, the nex day, he decided, he would wake up an touch his bedside table, just to be sure.

    The next morning he awoke in a golden bed with golden sheets that were bitterly cold. He sat straight up and looked around, it was his bedroom, but not his bed. The old man's enchantment had worked! King Midas jumped out of bed, and when his feet touched the ground, the floor turned golden. He rushed to his garden and looked up at his palace ans the ground around him took on a golden sheen, the entire castle had turned to gold!

    His daughter came rushing out of the palace to him with a worried expresion on her delicate features. the king turned and hugged her shouthing with joy, "It worked! The old man's spell worked!"

    When he looked at his daughter he saw a golden statue instead. He placed the statue down gently and looked at it for a while. It looked exactly like his daughter, then he realized, this statue was his daughter! King Midas began to weep and golden tears rolled down his cheeks. He had just turned the one thing he loved more than life itself into a dead statue. Midas looked around at his now dead garden, it was full of gole flowers and fruits, whose sweet fragrance would never dance on the wind again.

    Through the gates came the old man who stopped infront of Miday who sat on the golden earth with his arms wraped around what had once been his lively daughter. The old man looked at the king and asked, "Do you want me to undo the spell?" All King Midas could do was nod his head "yes" with tears streaming down his face. The old man closed his eyes, and when he opened them life flowed back into the veins of the princess and the lifeless garden. When th king looked up to thank the man he found that he had disappeared. He looked down at his daughter and promised himself never to be that greedy again. He lived happily on, in his normal castle with his normal daughter, content with what he had.